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Marketing strategies of Kylie Jenner

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The youngest of Kardashian and Jenner sisters, Kylie Jenner has become the youngest billionaire and highly successful. What are the marketing strategies of Kylie Jenner that makes her business tycoon in the world of cosmetics business.

People wanted to be the first in the queue and camped overnight in front of the first pop-up store before the launch. Within minutes the lip kits get to sell out and this kind of sales is not achieved by other celebrities. The technique used by Kylie is called ‘the drop’ and this is a huge reason for the boost.

What is the drop?

If a seller is already having a huge fan base or audience then the idea of the drop is a quite genius. The products are shown to be exclusive and the supply is limited to create the buzz among the audience. The hype is created to build demand and to sell the products effectively, in accordance with the strategies. Branding is done very well by creating videos before and after launching the products, for depicting the exclusiveness and luxury of the product.

Well, if you want to execute the same marketing strategies for the growth of your small business, go through the below-given approaches:

Identify the target audience and attract them.

To build the traction Kylie Jenner stays super active on social media for her cosmetic brand. Pictures are stories are uploaded by Kylie Jenner on Instagram and Snapchat several times in a day. She is the queen of snapchat and that is why snapchat has put an emoji of the crown in front of her username. So, the first thing on which you should emphasize is to be present on social media and engage the audience with sharing interesting stuff. The most famous asset of Kylie Jenner is her cosmetically and surgically enhanced lips. She launched the brand kylie lip kit in the beginning and with the addition of other products like a highlighter, blusher, brushes, etc. the name turned to be Kylie cosmetics.

target audience

For example, if you are running assignment help Australia services, your target audience will be students and if you are opening a lingerie store, your target audience will be women.

When you understand the target audience and their demands, you will be able to make a small business into a profitable money-making machine.

Be unique and you.

Kylie Jenner is very famous for her lips and she had gotten trolled also for getting surgery on her lips. She knew this thing that her fans will easily relate to lips. As a result, the fans went crazy about the Kylie lip kit in 2016 which was the first launch of Kylie’s products.

Kylie Jenner is an exceptional personality in her family and she is very different from the other 4 sisters. Her weirdness of changing hair, lips, and styling makes her an icon for every girl.

To be as successful as Kylie, you need to find your unique personality traits before setting your business to stand out the brands, products, and services from competitors.

Create exclusive content for the target.

Kylie Jenner, launched an app for fans to provide information about the content about her brand. The sales were pushed ahead with the app and information about the daily life of Kylie is available on the paid app for the fans. There is a lot of free content available on various social media platforms.

The app has more than 1 million downloads till so this is the third strategy that worked well and you should use in your marketing. Your content should be different and exclusive to attract competitors easily.


Bring fresh content regularly.

It is very important to keep your audience engaged and you can do this by bringing new products, offers, and services for your audience frequently. Kylie is very friendly with her fans and she shares a lot of occasions and experiences of her life with fans. She keeps on bringing new collections that relate to different occasions in her life. Nowadays she is working on a birthday collection as her birthday is arriving on 10th August. She makes a connection with her fans like they all her friends, and due to her active involvement, her fans also connect with her. She has built trust and connection, that is why the followers are always ready to buy her products.

The latest launch of Kylie skin, in which skincare products like, foaming facewash, walnut face scrub, face moisturizer, etc. are included, is going really well. The above-given strategies can help you a lot to uplift your small business.

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