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Marmaris Water Parks



Marmaris located in the Muğla Province of Turkey, is a fascinating spot, and a popular vacation spot. People from all around the world come to quench their thirst of natural beauty. It is a top spot for water sports because Marmaris is adorned with beautiful sea beaches, clear blue water and rejuvenating fresh sea breeze.

Fun activities like sailing, snorkelling, diving, boating, are some regular past times among the tourists in Marmaris. Now, these water activities are great of course, but some of them have to be done solo, you might not enjoy with your dearest ones. Kids are not allowed in some other activities. This makes Marmaris Water Parks just the right place to enjoy a great time with your family members of all ages.

In this blog, I will be providing information about the Marmaris water parks, which will help you in selecting the right place. There are 3 famous water parks in Marmaris, which includes- The Atlantis water park, the aqua dream water park, and the star aqua water park. All 3 of them are but, but each comes with their own set of specialities.

Aqua Dream Water Park

Aqua Dream water park is the biggest water park that you will find in this region of Turkey. So, while you are visiting Marmaris why not have some fun in the most popular water park? Blessed by its size, location, rides, and facilities this park remains crowded most of the time.

You will have the diversified fun at different types of slides like body slides, rafting slides, multi slides, and kamikaze slides. The aqua tower and wave pool is thrilling too. If you a fan of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” there is some good fun for you in the Aqua Dream park. You will get rides named- Pirate’s ship, Pirate’s tunnel, and Pirate’s waterfall. Here you will be able to enjoy by having the experience of a part-time pirate.

The dining facility of Aqua Dream water park is great, you will get foods from the very best catering services. The bar will provide you wsith lots of option to drink. But, it is not recommended to lose your mind before going to the rides.

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Despite having all the thrills, Aqua Dream is having a solid safety record. And the security is tight as well. And, if you book a trip, you will also be covered by insurance. Simply, the best place to have fun without any anxiety.

Atlantis Water Park

Atlantis water park is a tough competitor of the Aqua Dream water park in Marmaris. And tourists may sometimes get confused with where to go. Our verdict is- both are great, besides you have to option to try them both.

This water park is situated in the Siteler region and is a very beautiful water park. You will find it ideal to spend some quality time with your family. This water park is kids friendly and you will get a kid’s pool here, where your kids can have some fun.

The most well-known ride of the Atlantis water park is the 8 multi-slides from the top of a single tower. You will absolutely love this ride. There is a dry zone in the park as well, where you can play mini-golf and bowling.

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Star Aqua water park Marmaris

The star aqua water park in Marmaris is the ideal spot to host corporate or group events. Because where most of the time, the Atlantis and Aqua Dream water park remains occupied. Star Aqua water park is a bit less crowded. Apart from the group events, this is also a top spot for the people who tends to like less crowd.

You will get Free-fall, orange hole, wave pool, kid’s pool, etc. You can enjoy at your heart’s content in these fun rides. An exceptional small zoo is there in the Star Aqua Water park.

The catering and dining facilities in Star Aqua water park is excellent, if you book it for some corporate event, you can accommodate a good number of people. This water park is situated in a very convenient location. Good shopping malls are around, so for the shopaholic people, this is a great place.

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Marmaris, situated on the Mediterranean coast is a loved vacation spot. As a tourist magnet, there is a lot to things to do, a lot of places to visit. You may not cover them in a single tour. Amid bountiful fun activities, it is really hard to find a place that can accommodate people of all ages. The Marmaris water parks are well organized, fun and aesthetic place, with opportunities of people across all ages.

So, if you are travelling with your family, the Marmaris water parks are the best way to keep some loving memories together by passing a memorable time.

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