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Five Facts About Snailax Shiatsu Massage Chair

Snailax Shiatsu Massage Chair

In the contemporary world, stress with aching joints and back pains tends to be the routine of everyday life. Most people spend a lot of hours sitting in the office and working on the computer. It doesn't go well with their physical and mental health. And it creates severe complications like lower and upper body pains. In that case, an individual can go to a massage therapist, but the entire process is quite expensive.

Fortunately, a suitable option is available for you if you have back pain issues. You can go for a back massager, which is designed for massaging both the lower and upper back. To fulfill your requirements, you need to choose the right back massager. And that's why we've come out with a versatile back massager to provide you multiple massage options. Check out the article below to know more information.

Review of Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair

When it comes to the shiatsu back massager, the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion is one of the most fantastic pieces of back massager for you. This best electric back massager from Snailax comes with 4 deep-kneading massage nodes with various massage zones. You will also have an integrated strapping system to fit the back massager in any comfortable position. Besides that, this lower and upper back massager offers some other features to consider before purchasing an effective back massager.

Shiatsu Back Massager

If you go for a useful back massager, you will find many, but you need to choose the best one among different back massagers. The Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion is a shiatsu back massager. It allows you to focus on the kneading area for getting pin-point relaxation while having a massage. You can enjoy pain-relieving massages at the comfort anywhere with the massage chair pad.

Massage Nodes and Zones

This shiatsu back massager with a chair pad has four deep-kneading massage nodes. These nodes are adjustable at a maximum height of 3 mm. They can also relax the entire fatigued lower and upper back. Besides, this fitness equipment offers the body three massage zones in upper, lower, and full-back areas. In this back massager, you will also have a vibration seat with 2 invigorating massage nodes.

Intensity Control Flap

The excellent back massager includes an intensity control flap to reduce the intensity of the massager. It also helps you choose either a softer or more intense massage. To get a much softer massage, you may place a towel or blanket between your back and the massager. If you still feel a strong intensity, take the flap off the back massager.

Soothing Heat Therapy

This back massager comes with soothing heat technology to relax sore muscles across your shoulders, back, and lumbar. The optional heating function of the back adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain. You can even use this back massager with or without running the heating therapy. Besides that, the sitting area doesn't provide you heat. You will only have the heat in your upper back area.

Easy to Use

This fitness gear conveniently attaches with any sitting tool like a sofa, recliner, couch, and dining or office chair. It is also easy to use and operate with a corded hand controller that allows you to customize your massage experience. As this excellent gear comes with luxury leather with a cozy smooth mesh, you feel comfortable while having massages in it.


  • Ensures pin-point relaxation
  • Comes with four deep-kneading adjustable massage nodes
  • Features detachable intensity control flap
  • Provides three levels of intensity
  • Offers versatile massages


  • It might require a little more padding


In short, this electric back massager will give you the feeling of professional therapist hands. It delivers beneficial shiatsu massages for reducing stress, relaxing sore muscles, and mitigating pain. It also provides plenty of advantages that you may want to have in a back massager. If you pick this fitness equipment for reducing stresses and back pains, it may be a suitable option for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy a lot of comfortable massages anytime by sitting anywhere.

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