Massive Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

athletic performance workout

athletic performance workout

Massive Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Don’t mistake it for another overhyped mediocre; the struggle is real! If we are to name the best athletic performance workout, our pick would be High-Intensity Interval Training.

If you are here, reading this blog, the chances are that you must have witnessed the aerobics and cardio crowd in your gym. The cardio fanatics do the workout for good 69 to 70 minutes but usually hit the plateau and don’t get the expected results. Have you ever thought about why? It is because they tune their bodies to go at a steady pace.

The core concept of HIIT says that you have to reach beyond your full potential within a limited time. You need to sweat the fat out in fewer minutes. There is no need to workout for 60 or more minutes. You need to use all of your strength to do the challenging workout; you have to be as fast as you can.

Today, we will unveil the massive benefits associated with High-Intensity Interval Training.

  • HIIT burns your calories faster than ever

What do you think, an hour on a treadmill burns more calories or 15 minutes of HIIT? Don’t confuse your neurons by staring at the length of the sessions. Little do you know, 15 minutes HIIT is more powerful than running for an hour on your treadmill.

  • Call it the best athletic performance workout

Inevitably, HIIT workout increases your stamina. This workout is essential for the strengthening of your muscles. In this workout, you challenge yourself at every level. You push yourself out of the comfort zone as a result of which your stamina increases. When your stamina increases, automatically you feel more confident and get the power to beat everyone in the game.

  • It increases your metabolism

The difference between interval workout and non-interval workouts is that during HIIT you consume more oxygen. After every set, you take rest for few seconds that allow you to catch your breath and increase your metabolic rate. In the non-interval workout, you don’t take short breaks. Your body doesn’t consume more oxygen; your metabolic rate doesn’t increase. Since HIIT workout makes you consume more oxygen, your metabolic rate increases and you burn more calories.

  • You lose weight not muscles

The best thing about High-Intensity Interval Training is that you don’t lose your muscles while doing it. This workout is a compilation of weight training, muscle strengthening & cardio exercises. People who are on a diet can opt for it too as it sheds weight faster yet don’t let you lose muscles.

  • It increases your endurance

A lot of people feel the problem of not having enough stamina to do the workout for a longer period. HIIT plays major role in strengthening your body and preparing it for the challenging tasks. If you too want to increase your stamina, let HITT be your savior.

  • You feel more young

It goes without any doubt that HIIT is more effective than conventional aerobics and cardio. Surely it increases the stamina, but there is one massive advantage that supersedes all. HIIT increases the production of human growth hormone which is responsible for increasing the caloric burn yet plays a major role in slowing the aging. Surely, there is no need to go for the artificial anti-aging methods when a natural way of doing it is right in your hands.

Do HIIT, boosts your metabolism, burn more calories and feel younger from inside and outside.

  • It is time savior

In the fast-paced life, you don’t get time for yourself. The lengthy workout sessions are totally out of the questions when you don’t get a few hours for yourself. Here, HIIT helps you; you don’t need to spend hours and hours on your workout. Just a 15 minutes HIIT is enough for you. What else could be amazing than getting fit in less time? Think about it.

  • Perfect for your heart’s health

We surely don’t favor the concept of “extreme workout brings immense results.” There is no need to push yourself to the anaerobic zone where it gets troublesome for you to catch your breath. When you push yourself continuously without taking rest, soon you start feeling like you have no energy left. Interval Training is a perfect concept. In it, there are rest intervals after each set. This practice allows you to catch your breath. Your heart stays healthy, and the blood is circulated effectively throughout the body.

The bottom line

Without a single doubt, we can say that HIIT is the best athletic performance workout. It skyrockets your endurance, strengthens your muscles, makes you burn more calories and leave you feeling younger both inside and outside.

HIIT doesn’t depend on the fitness gears. However, you can use dumbbells if you want to make it intense. Try HIIT, mark our words, you won’t get bored yet will feel so young.