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Master the Technology with B.Tech in Computer Science Degree

Technology and the world in which we are breathing today have somewhat become synonymous to each other. Where computing is happening at the lighting speed, the digital revolution has given a new definition to the world we see today.

Now, what is the science behind it? What are the fundamentals of it? Basically, it is the work of computer science. Fundamentally it is the study of Softwares. It includes the study of hardware as well. This is a vast subject at the end of the day. So it calls for intensive training at the same time.

Those who wish to pursue this subject professionally can apply for B.Tech in the computer science program. It is a four-year intensive course which touches upon the length and breadth of technology. It involves intensive programming. Not only that students are exposed to conceptual as well as practical aspects of this subject.

Important subjects included in the B.Tech CSE program.

There are multiple subjects taught in this program. Every year is further divided into two semesters. So here is the list of some of the essential subjects in this program:-

1. Applied Mathematics,

2. Digital circuits and system,

3. C++ and C,

4. Java,

5. Programing Languages,

6. Linux and Windows programming,

7. Electrical Science, etcetera. 

Along with this, students are exposed to practical learning through live projects and internship. The industrial leaders offer them seminars in the finals semesters of the program. Not only that, most of the colleges provide job training support to assist the placement.

What are the eligibility criteria of B.Tech in Computer Science? 

To participate in this course, students are supposed to abide by the preconditions as prescribed by the officials:- 

1. One must pass class 12th examination on a mandatory basis.

2. Important subjects that are included are- One must study science or Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the high school examination.

3. Every university has its own marks criteria. However, one must secure a minimum of 60% marks in high school.

Career Prospects in Computer Science 

Now this subject offers a wellspring of opportunity to the students. Some of the largest companies in India, such as:

i. Infosys,

ii. Tech Mahindra,

iii. Wipro, etcetera, intensively highers Computer science engineers.

Now here are some of teh interesting roles which students take upon graduating:- 

1. Software engineer,

2. Testing engineer,

3. Trainer,

4. Professor, etcetera.

The starting salary of a person usually varies from Rs 3 LPA to Rs 4 LPA. As one grows in experience, they observe a significant hike in their job. 

After discussing every aspect of computer science engineering, let’s discuss that one most integral point is like a deciding factor if you should join.

The intensive training of four years may become a mechanical affair if not done with heart. Only those who have a love for coding. Only those who love programming or are just keen on understanding the process shall go for it. There is a massive scope of computer science today. But it will always fir your competence only when you have that drive within you. So go for it if you are crystal clear on entering the world of programming and technology.

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