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Material Selection and Why it’s Crucial for the Engineering Design Process

Material selection is crucial to a successful engineering design process. You want your product to be as strong and as long-lasting as possible. There are also safety implications to consider. You see, dangerous failures arising from poor material selection are still an all too common occurrence in many industries. And, you don’t want that to happen with your project! Choosing the wrong material can have extremely negative consequences and could even be deadly. So, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind.

You need to take so many factors into consideration when you’re selecting materials such as whether your structure is to be indoors or outside in the elements. If the correct material is not selected, the product life will be notoriously unpredictable. All of the above just goes to show how important material selection is to the long-term success of engineering applications.

Facts to Consider When Selecting Materials

Engineering companies Perth-wide often come to us to gain our professional advice on what materials to use for their specific projects. And, we are more than happy to help. When it comes to metal and stainless-steel fabrication, Perth clients from various industries have benefited from our professional opinions and technical expertise over the years.

Often, selecting materials is a very tedious task due to the many factors that must be expertly evaluated before a final decision can be made. Of course, generally speaking, the main requirement is often the strength of a particular application. However, depending on the behavior, as well as the working environment, a number of other factors might need to be taken into account.

A systemic approach is imperative when it comes to materials selection for a specific application. First, you need to clearly define the application requirements in terms of chemical, electrical, mechanical, and environmental properties. You can then narrow down your choices via an elimination process. You also need to take production techniques into consideration as these are of the highest importance.

The Right Material Selection Ensures Design Integrity

The actual integrity of a design is only ensured after an in-depth systemic material selection is carried out. Otherwise, the result could be extremely susceptible to failures. Throughout the entire selection process, materials are assessed in terms of strength, fatigue endurance, and so on depending on the future application. This will make sure that the design is more likely to succeed in the long term in addition to ensuring that the design is technically fit for purpose.

Ensuring Structural Integrity for a Lifetime in the Field

In terms of stainless-steel fabrication, Perth industries need their products to last. Our climate here is particularly harsh and unforgiving so the right materials need to be used in all applications. If you are in doubt with regards to what materials to use for your particular project, just leave it in our capable hands. We fully understand that even the greatest design may fail in its actual working environment. For example, it could be chemically damaged or be subjected to a higher load than is usually expected. Bearing this in mind, the best materials to maintain structural integrity in all conditions should be used.

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Design Flexibility

Another aspect you need to consider is that material selection gives your designer more flexibility when it comes to the design process. He could create various different designs so that he can evaluate how each material performs. As he finds how each material acts, he can modify the processor design to make adjustments and improvements. This is especially helpful to avoid any failures in the future.

Other Considerations

Your overall goal is to have an end product that’s both durable and successful. Here, at InLine Engineering we are one of the engineering companies Perth industries trust with their special projects. Our wealth of experience is second to none in our field, so when we provide you with our advice and recommendations, you can be sure that it’s impartial and always spot on. As well as all our other recommendations, it’s crucial to take the following factors into account.

  • Cost – Your choice of materials should be cost-effective.
  • Manufacturability – Can the material be used easily in the manufacture of your product? Also, is the material readily available?
  • Mechanical attributes – These attributes directly impact the performance and durability of your product.
  • Environmental impact – How is your chosen material processed when in its raw state? Can it be recycled at the end of its use?

These are the main reasons why the material you select for your project is of the utmost importance when it comes to your engineering design. In fact, it’s becoming even more important due to the diversity and complexity of engineering materials and processes today. For this reason, knowing the importance of material selection is really helpful for anyone at all who works in the engineering field.

When you think about it, all manufactured products are made of materials. All infrastructure is created from materials. Every constructed structure is also made from materials. Consequently, prudently selecting materials is so crucial in every field. Essentially, the process of materials selection is an exercise in information processing.

If you need help selecting the right materials for your next project, the InLine Engineering team can help. We have been in operation since 2001, providing heavy engineering and maintenance services to many diverse sectors of industry. We passionately believe in our work and have worked tirelessly to develop our business and our people for many years.

Throughout the years, we have built our enviable reputation on providing innovative solutions at great prices, so our clients come back to us again and again. Our team has a wealth of experience, always rising to every challenge, going above and beyond requirements time and time again. So, to find out how we can help you with your next project, simply get in touch with us to discuss your project in depth.

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