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Math Tutoring with Advancing Technology

Is it worth taking math tutoring services?

Although a lot of technological advancement has been made but many people prefer to know pros and cons of anything that is made  available for them

Advancement of Technology

With the advancement of technology, this question is raised a lot. Why take in-person or online math tutoring Calgary services when everything is available online? Why waste your money on something that might be available for free? With trillions of online resources available, why do we still need tutors? 

Is everything truly available for free?

Let’s try to answer some of these questions. What people do not understand is that everything is not available for free. We now live in a complex world that has complex math problems. Gone are the days when schools taught simple algebra and you passed the exam. 

This new era demands revolution, and something out of the box. Online material that is available for free makes you follow one specific format. No different approaches are employed. The biggest problem that students face is that if they have a question, how will they solve it on the spot? How is the person going to clear their query?

Therefore, taking math tutoring Calgary services is crucial for deep learning. Problems are always solved from the roots. For that, tutors or teachers need to dig deeper and understand what is wrong with the student. Only then can they identify the problem, and present a solution. 

Online Resources

Your child goes online, and browses through the internet for a learning resource. They come across one video and watch it. Their concept gets ruined, and they can't attempt a question so they move onto another resource and try to understand the concept from there. 

Throughout this cycle your child experiences many teaching styles. This only creates more confusion, and diverts from the ultimate goal. If the student ends up mixing all the concepts, you’re back on square one. 

Why waste precious time and energy on something that has no outcome? The final goal is to clear the concepts of the student, which is clearly not possible through these online resources. Getting tutored for a subject like math is the only way out of this confusion whirlpool. 

A note for Parents

While all of these are valid arguments raised by parents, they tend to overlook certain facts. You as a parent need to understand that your child has different qualities. Each child has their own way of learning. This fact is overlooked by schools most of the time; so how can you perceive that a person who is not interacting with the audience online can explain concepts?

Let’s have a look why individual tuition is important, and how Jim Williams tutoring can offer this. 

Importance of individual attention

Difference in understanding level

Children are a blank canvas. Whatever you’re going to input, they’re going to take it in. The difference in children arises because each has their own way of understanding. Some understand things in the first go, some need to be taught using a different approach such as linking with real-life examples, and so on. 

No matter what the level, each child craves individual attention. When a child gets one-on-one math tuition services, they begin to grasp the concepts. 

Many Calgary tuition services encompass this, but choose wisely. 

Choose a good math tutor

Now that you know the importance of individual attention for your child, the next step is to choose a good math tutor. If you are based in Calgary, looking up for Calgary tutoring services will point you to many tutors. Some of the qualities a good math tutor will have are:

  • Provides a friendly environment
  • Has many years of experience
  • Knows the world as it is today
  • Can solve complex problems
  • Help your child understand basic concepts
  • Instill self-confidence in the child
  • Motivate the student to do better
  • Weekly assess the student for progress update

Choose the best in Calgary

Calgary tutoring services has many options for math tutoring Calgary services. Obviously, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a complete package in a tuition service for math, then Jim Williams tutoring is your best bet. 

We offer our services at very reasonable rates. Given that experience spans over a period of three decades, our prices are in-line with our excellent services. Nevertheless, prices are still negotiable. 

At Jim William Tutoring, my focus is always on the child. Focusing on expanding my business is never a priority. My priority is always to clear concepts of the students so that they remain clear on that topic throughout their life. Learning should give an outcome, and enable the student to solve real-life problems as well. Hence, my math tutoring services are the best among Calgary tutoring services being offered. 

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