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Matthew Davies Discusses How to Be a Great Mentor


Matthew Davies knows that when you mentor someone you can help them more than you can possibly know. No matter what line of work you are in, there is always someone that is just getting into the industry. They are young (if not in age, in the industry) and impressionable. If you take the time to teach them how to do the job the right way, your legacy will live on. Many companies have a hard time letting a person retire simply due to the fact that that person has a lot of knowledge. Well, before you go, why not help out your company one last time? Let’s talk about the ways you can be the greatest mentor to some young person just starting out.


It is important when you first start mentoring someone that you lay out your expectations and ground rules. Additionally, you need to know what their expectations are. If you both are not on the same page, then it will be much harder to help them out. Start off by explaining to them how you can help and what doors you can open for them. This will be a great way to break the ice.


In order to help them properly, you are going to get to know their specific needs. Hold an informal meeting with the individual so that you can assess any particular needs. Find out what they know and what they don’t know. This will help you to better tailor your help to shore up any foundational deficiencies they may have.


Once you have done the above steps, you are going to want to set some goals. This will help both of you to see the progress you have made. The goals need to be set mutually. Talk to the mentees manager and see what they would like to see the person doing in the very near future. This will help you to make sure that you are focusing on teaching them the right things.


One of the most important things that you can do is set a schedule. This will include how often you are going to meet as well as when their goals are to be achieved. Make sure that you set aside some time for them to ask you questions. You are also going to want to make sure that you present them with some questions. This will not only confirm to both of you that they are still progressing on the goal sheet, but it will also give them some confidence. They are going to need that confidence to move forward.


Whenever Matthew Davies takes someone under his wing, these steps are the first things that he does. That is why he feels that he makes a great mentor. He hopes that the information that he has provided you will make you a great mentor in the future as well. Remember, it is all about the mentee and less about you and the company. Sure, all parties involved will gain something from this knowledge transfer, but you really want to focus on the new employee.

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