Mattress Types: 8 Types of Mattresses for Better Sleep Explained


It is often common to feel uneasy when we wake up in the morning. Despite 8hrs of sleep, there is still a sense of tiredness and restlessness that gets carried throughout the day from the office and back home affecting mood and work performance. It is time to think about replacing the mattress as it is not giving the comfort it was made for.


With time everything around us evolved to a superior version, be it our way of life, our communication devices, Our Home-based appliances, Transportation, and much more. Likewise, mattress technology has gone through many changes especially to suit one’s lifestyle & requirements.

Very few know that the right selection of Mattress is one of the major tips to improve your sleep as it will directly affect the body and its physiology over a longer period.

The Right Guide for the Right Mattress


Gone are the days when mattresses were selected based on the nearest available shop/stock basis, as because people are getting busier & stressed day by day so a sound and healthy sleep is a necessity in demand so to fulfill this we shall go through the types of Mattress and its benefit, it becomes more important because the comfort is individual-centric and its choice differs from person to person entirely. 

 Types of Mattress:

Classified under the Shape & Size are given below-


For Children & Teenagers

  1. Twin- 38inch x 75inch

  2. Twin XL- 38inch x 80inch

  3. Full- 54inch x 74inch


For Adults

  1. Queen Size- 60inch x 80inch

  2. King Size- 76inch x 80inch


The majority of the people end up buying based on size and miss out on the most important selection parameter- Selecting the right type of Mattress is the tip to Start Sleeping Better which can be healthy for one’s lifestyle, sleeping better can be very healthy to for your work life as well, but for that, there must be cozy and comfort around you, where using a right kind of mattress can be very helpful in that case.


So here are Some Types of Mattress Mentioned Below:

  • Air Mattress - The most primitive form of mattresses wherein the cushioning was from the Air Filling inside. It also found use in Camping or Outdoor stays and also for

guest beds as they were inflatable and the comfort can be adjusted accordingly by the volume of air-infused. Their covering would be Latex or memory foam or anything suitable. These were ideal for Backaches as they would adjust with the shape of the body.

  • Futon Mattress - Commonly known as Sofa cum Bed with Japanese Origin, wherein it would shape us as a bed and can easily be curled up as a sofa/Couch. These were ideal for Mid Size bedroom or Living room for the possibility of bed in tight space when required
  • Waterbeds - These were popular in the ’70s-’80s wherein there would be a rectangular chamber filled with water. These acted as temperature regulators often connected with the Thermostat during winters. It became widely used also for the contouring effect of the person sleeping on it but with time it lost because of maintenance and safety issues.

  • Innerspring Mattress - This has a framework of Steel coiled support system wherein coil gauges are fixed at the bottom of the Mattresses and the top layer is covered with Foam, Upholstery fiber, or additional cushion. This was a huge hit because of the comfort and was adapted in a lot of countries but with a drawback that the spring coil would lose its tensile strength resulting in discomfort while prolonged usage and wear out

  • Latex Mattress -They were made with 100% natural Latex without any synthetic materials. The advantages of latex mattresses include support to the body and pressure point reliefs, especially for the stomach, back & sideways sleepers. It scored well in pain prevention and relief than any other type of mattresses.

  • Memory Foam Mattress - It was invented by NASA in the ’70s and used in the seat of Planes to provide special cushions to Astronauts in case of Turbulence or any crash. When commercialized a decade later for Mattresses it becomes people’s favorite owing to its high-density elasticity and excellent pressure relief. Its ability to take up the shape of the body gave a huge level of comfort and experience to its user. Another advantage was that it was way more durable than its other competitor. The only problem is that they tend to take up the heat of the body, especially in warm climates they tend to become hot after a while causing discomfort.

  • Hybrid Mattress - It is an evolved combination of Memory Foam and Innerspring, therefore, giving better comfort, easier shape taking. In this Hybrid Model the Contouring, comfort of Memory Foam is combined with the Pressure Relief of the innerspring which is ideal for Back related issues if any.

  • Euro Top Mattress - This type of mattress comes with additional padding which enhances the softness. It is a type of pillow top mattress because the extra layering of the mattress makes it comfortable for people.

  • Pillow Top Mattress - The main advantage of having a pillow top mattress is that it is suitable for every style of sleepers, the pillow top mattress is considered as one of the best types of mattress because it helps in providing relief to any sort of pain while sleeping, the pillow tops are those mattresses which are made on innerspring mattresses.




Therefore for a good quality of sleep, it is very important to select the right type of mattress according to your body type which will bring a great level of comfort and relief to you while you are sleeping or resting, so if you are planning to buy a mattress for your home nectar mattress is the one-stop-shop for your mattress, as there are a wide range of mattress that is very affordable and cost-effective and you can also get exciting offers. 

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