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Meaning of Elevation Map and Its Uses

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An elevation map shows the different heights in a district. Rises are normally estimated in meters or feet concerning the ocean level. It very well may be either over the ocean level or underneath the ocean level. Height in a guide is indicated utilizing form lines, groups of same hues or by numerical qualities giving the accurate rise subtleties. A form line associates focus in a guide speaking to regions with similar rise levels. The elevation maps are commonly known as Topographic maps.

An Elevation Map or a Topographic Map is depicted by the immense scale detail that delineates a definite ground alleviation, seepage, timberland spread, regulatory regions, transportation courses, and other man-made highlights. If you want to know more about Elevation maps then you should learn ArcGis.

Topographic or elevation maps depend on huge scale reviews of the geography of a district indicating the different rise and landforms. The principal Topographic guide demonstrating the various heights of a whole nation was finished in 1789 called the Carte géométrique de la France. The Elevation map demonstrating the Himalayan tops with over 100miles far off perspectives made in 1857 by the British Raj is accepted to one of the soonest fruitful endeavors to decide the rises on a bigger scale. These maps were set up by the military and were viewed as exceptionally significant as they were utilized in arranging the assault methodologies in war and for protective emplacements.

Topographic maps or elevation maps steadily got fundamental in arranging urban settlements, present-day foundation and in arranging normal asset misuse. By 1913 there was a worldwide exertion to make the International Map of the World.In this, the land zones of the Earth's surface district was mapped at a size of 1:1milliom spreading over a thousand sheets. By the 80's simply the headings were adequate for even low or average talented end customers to view and print the maps. These days height maps are made utilizing photogrammetric of airborne photographs gathered utilizing advances like Lidar or other remote detecting systems for enormous scale information. Height information can likewise be gathered effectively utilizing handheld gadgets like GPS gadgets and cell phones.

The principle preferred position of a heightmap is that it gives a three-dimensional comprehension of the territory on a two-dimensional guide. These maps are of incredible incentive for understanding the landscape for route and for urban arranging and catastrophe the executives.

How To Interpret an Elevation Map?

Rise in a guide can be demonstrated utilizing form lines or utilizing various groups of hues or with numerical qualities to show the stature or profundity. Whenever spoken to in a numerical structure it is certainly simple to peruse the guide and survey the landscape. In any case, it might much of the time become hard for a solitary guide to show the sharp or moderate inclination of the height. Thus from numerous points of view, a shape map demonstrates to be a vastly improved answer to show the variety of rising in a zone. Here are a couple of pointers to decipher a form map:

  • Note that every one of the locales that are joined by a solitary form line has a similar height.
  • The region inside the form is typically tough. The deepest shape line speaks to the most elevated point.
  • The closer the lines to one another the more extreme the incline.
  • Far off lines speak to progressive slants.
  • While perusing a rise map it is critical to cause a note of the standard to mark and scale utilized called the guide legend or the key. The right height can be determined to utilize the qualities that are given in the key
  • The sharp Vs on the contour lines show stream with the V pointing upstream

In a shading coded map otherwise called an alleviation map, distinctive shading groups are utilized to speak to changes in the rise. Commonly, the shading 'dark-colored' is utilized to speak to rises, blue to speak to water bodies, limits in dark and network and streets appear in red. The shading 'green' is utilized to show the nearness of vegetation or territories shrouded in prairies or backwoods.

In numerous maps, while the shading 'darker' is utilized to show height, the most elevated rises are spoken to utilizing red, white or purple. The shade of the darker utilized in the heights is light in the higher rise which at that point obscures as the rise drops. Sharp slants show an abrupt change in the power of the shade giving a three-dimensional impact on the guide.

Uses of Elevation Maps

Rises maps have various uses in different fields. They show the landscapes in a territory as well as give the statues of different structures that help in deciding the openness to these regions. Here are a couple of the basic employment of the elevation maps.

In the Geographical Study:

The Elevation maps are significant in geography as they show the outside of the earth in detail. A 3-dimensional portrayal of the world's surface shows the examples that help to decide the topography underneath the surface. Every single surface structure like slopes, levels and so on are a consolidated consequence of surface procedures like disintegration and sedimentation and landforms like structural developments making folds and blames, magma rising or quakes. By contemplating geology in an area researchers can decide the landforms and foresee future geographical exercises.


Hazard Assessment: Using the data of the Earth's surface geologists can decide the zones of disintegration and those zones that are inclined to avalanches and dregs amassing. This gives a reasonable thought of the progression of water in the event of floods with the goal that a departure system can be planned. This is relevant for zones that are near dynamic volcanoes also.

Military: In military and guard for nation height maps help to break down and decide key areas for watchtowers, unit arrangements and manage any hostiles in the region. A reasonable comprehension of the territory will survey the hold and quality of a military

Urban Planning and Structure: Elevation maps are exceptionally urgent in arranging and planning an enormous foundation. For instance, the development of railroad tracks; for this, an extremely precise comprehension of the land surface will be required. This is appropriate for the water funnels, gas lines, electrical links and position of media transmission towers

Zoning: Elevation maps are valuable in zoning an area as indicated by the accessibility of its assets and its likelihood of peril. For instance, the zoning as indicated by the possibility of groundwater relying upon the land surface example and rise or the zoning dependent on the accessibility of different minerals.

Navigation: Elevation maps can help a lot in exploring while at the same time trekking or climbing. These maps give a smart thought about the topology of the territory making it conceivable to design development and outdoors grounds. The route, when all is said in done, is additionally helped colossally by the height maps.

Precision Farming: Elevation map is a crucial tool for exactitude farming. It offers a good plan regarding the kind of crops that may be appropriate in a district. There are completely different types of crops that are appropriate for higher altitudes whereas others are suitable for middle to low elevation regions. for instance, the High Chill kind of apples is appropriate for prime altitude terrains whereas the Low Chill variety of apples is big within the middle to low elevation regions. Elevation maps also are a decent thanks to calculate the quantity of fertiliser or pesticides that require to incline to a patch of crops as per the necessity of the range.

Contour Farming: Contour farming is a long-lasting example of cultivating that uses rise maps to cultivate in the primary natural product crops in unsmooth regions. In this kind of developing the harvests are become by the structure lines change of dependability the territories with a practically identical or proportional height. A rise map is wont to compute the common incline of a slope to recognize the yield that might be suitable for that area. thusly of cultivating helps in preservation.


Elevation maps are thus vital all told spans of technology be is military, completely different farming or partitioning. With the assistance of the analysis maps, several predictions may also be finished the assistance of various base information and models.

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