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Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts for Your Parents

Isn’t it exciting when you think of the days when your parents turn 60 and you imagine doing something extra special for them and gifting them the most meaningful 60th birthday gifts that they would value the most?

Every child, I guess, longs for this milestone hitting day; and I guess, you are no different from this category. I am sure, you must be thinking of celebrating your mom or dad’s 60th birthday in a way that it remains as one of the best days in their lives that they ever imagined!

You might go for a surprise party to a birthday bash with lots of revelry and merrymaking but when it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones, it stands out as a major challenge.

But don’t get baffled! Why? Because I am here!

I will guide you with some ideas as to how you choose the best gifts for your loved ones on their birthdays. I would at the same time go with those gifts which your pocket would allow you to pick. Hence let me categorize the gifts according to their reasonable prices that one can easily avail without any fail.

Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts For Parents By Budget

60th Birthday Gifts Under 50$

For Moms

Motorized foot spa shiatsu massage bubble jets

It’s a wonderful gift that your mom can easily use at home to relax her feet.  The high-quality massage rollers give massage to the feet.  The bubble jet is meant for comfortable feeling to the feet.  All fatigue and stress are vanished from legs, ankles or calves.  Your mom would definitely love to have this unique gift as it would make her feel how you care about her wellbeing and health

For Dads

Shiatsu neck and back massager

I must say this would be the best massager for your dad.  It relieves pain and stress and also relaxes  neck and back, anytime, anywhere. This is the right gift you would give to your dad if he has headache or tense muscles in head or neck. It immensely improves blood circulation and relieves headache or pain.  If your dad has muscle soreness, neck stiffness or constant fatigue, then you should go for this surprising gift which your dad can use after a hectic day.


60th Birthday Gifts Under 200$

For Moms

Aura mason smart digital picture frame

This picture frame is a beautiful frame which you can pick up on her 60th birthday which is carved from stone.  It enables one to transfer photos from one’s mobile to the frame through an app.  Anybody can transfer photos to the frame from their phones via WiFi.  It has got unlimited cloud storage and one can send 10000+ photos to this frame.


For Dads

Men’s anti-theft leather wallet

“Wow” is the first word, I am sure, that would come out of your father’s mouth once he sees this wallet. It's handcrafted best-quality leather wallet that not only is popular for its interior designs and features but very, very useful because your dad now can go out anywhere without any worry with an absolute peaceful mind.  The would-be thieves cannot scan the digital infos on his credit or debit card.


60th Birthday Gifts Under 500$

For Moms

Pearl set

Known as the queen of gem, pearl sets are in high fashion these days and if your mom is a fashion freak then you should go and pick a fashionable and trendy pearl set.  Most of the pearl sets come in with a necklace, a bracelet and earrings but some do also come with matching and exquisite ring. The Japanese Akoya White Pearl Sets in AA+ Quality would be the best option for you to go with.


For Dads

Duetto smart connected hi-fi music system

It’s digital radio.  Your dad can customize its buttons to play his favorite music from various sources like FM, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth.  It has free iOS and Android app that can change tune stations or volume.  It also has the merit of having free software updates via WiFi.


Priceless and Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Every parent loves hand-made gifts over anything else, no matter how precious other gifts are! If you too are thinking about gifting your dad and mom something with personal touch, then you must go with these items, which not only are completely individual and unique but also carry the message of how meaningful they are to the concerned person.


For Moms

Handprint apron for mom

It doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing or painting but all that matters is your intention. If you are intending to gift your mom a printed apron, then you can draw anything of your liking with little effort and then color it properly. Or else, you can also dip your palms into 2 different colors and then place them on the apron.  You can also draw your mom’s picture on the apron.


For Dads

Leather keychain for dad

Your dad would love to have this gift from you! It is very easy to make this leather keychain.  All you need are leather, scissor, rotary hole punch, sponge, water, mallet. What to wait for? Just get, set, go! Dampen your leather and then let it dry. Cut your leather into a shape of your liking.  When dried, punch a hole and slip it onto a keyring.


Few Final Words About Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

I am sure this will help you in choosing the best gifts for your mom and dad on their 60th birthday. Just go and grab anything you like from my list items and I am sure your mom and dad would love them from the core of their heart and also cherish and treasure them for a long time!

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