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Medanta Hospital - The Mediclinic Defence Colony

Medanta Hospital

Medanta Hospital is a hospital where cheap and technical and infrastructure, diagnostic care, and providing a fusion of traditional Indian and modern medicine, training and thinking is also done. To provide world-class, holistic and affordable health care to Medanta and to build a dynamic organization focusing on people's development and new knowledge was established to fulfill a mission. Medanta has developed a lot after that, but the value of services in this hospital is still the same.

The specialists in Medanta Medicity are focused on the progression in medication through development and research programs that hover around individualized and individual consideration. Medanta Hospital Gurgaon is home to probably the most prominent specialists on the planet, a large portion of whom are pioneers in their separate zones and are praised for creating imaginative and progressive methodology. A large number of the specialists in the clinic are likewise the beneficiaries of renowned honors like 'Padma Shri', 'Padma Bhushan', 'Dr. B.C. Roy National Award', and 'Marquis' Who in the World honor'.

Meditation treatment in Medanta Hospital

  • Treatment of coronary artery disease
  • Cancer of Head and Neck Cancer
  • Acute myeloid treatment
  • Treatment of leukemia
  • Treatment of epilepsy
  • Treatment of Hip fracture
  • Treatment of Parkinson's disease
  • Treatment of refractive error
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Treatment of chronic kidney disease
  • Treatment of cerebral
  • Treatment of trauma
  • Treatment of sepsis
  • Treatment of liver cirrhosis
  • Treatment of rheumatoid
  • Treatment of Arthritis
  • Treatment of hypertension

Test and test in Medanta

Laboratory tests in Medanta Hospital

Under Labor testing in Medanta, your body is tested by samples of blood, urine or body tissues. Under the lab test, the following investigations are done at Medanta Hospital...

  • Full blood count
  • FSH investigation
  • Glucose (Random) Check
  • Lipid profile probe
  • Liver Function Test
  • Renal Function Test
  • Serum electrolytes probe
  • Thyroid profile check
  • Urine analysis test
  • Vitamin-D probes

Radiology Tests in Medanta Hospital

Radiology is a branch of treatment in which imaging techniques such as X-rays, ultrasound etc. are used for the treatment of diseases. Under the Radiology Test, the following investigations are done at Medanta Hospital...

  • Barium interrogation investigation
  • CT Angiography Brain Detection
  • DEXA scan check
  • Doppler abdomen investigation
  • Fluoroscopy injection test
  • HRCT Chest Detection
  • Mammography test
  • MRI investigation
  • Usg KUB check
  • X-ray probes

Advanced tests at Medanta Hospital

Some of the most advanced tests are done using high-tech equipment in Medanta Hospital, which help in diagnosing dangerous diseases for life. Under Advanced Test Test, the following investigations are done at Medanta Hospital...

  • BRF mutation analysis investigation
  • Growth hormone investigation
  • HLA Cross Match (CDC) Check
  • HPV DNA, High Risk Test
  • Immune Deficiency Panel (CD19, CD 56, CD3, CD4, CD8) Check
  • JK2 Mutation Analysis Check
  • Leukemia genetic profile investigation
  • Respiratory Multi-Plex PCR Check
  • Tacrolimus probe
  • Thalassemia profile check

Other clinical trials in Medanta Hospital

In the process of diagnostic testing, a test is done to identify specific areas of an individual's weakness. In which an illness is determined using external techniques like Cat Scan, MRI, ECG etc. Under the other diagnostic test test, the following checks are done in Medanta...

  • Bone marrow aspiration check
  • Ca 125 check
  • Cardiac Profile Check
  • Dengue profile inquiry
  • PSA investigation
  • Hepatitis B Profile Detection
  • Interventional investigation
  • FNC investigation
  • Malaria parasite investigation
  • Pap Smear Detection
  • Vidal test check

Branch of Medanta Mediclinic Hospital

Medanta Mediclinic, Defense Colony Delhi

Convenience:- 50+ Visiting Doctors, 19 Super Specialty

Address:- E- 18, Defense Colony, New Delhi, Delhi.

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