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Medical Sauna Reviews: Do I like my Medical 6 Plus Sauna?


The irony of looking for a good home sauna to relieve stress, is how stressful it can be!

There are a lot of saunas out there, and really anyone can build a sauna. Some are built by contractors that have no medical background. Which sauna should you get, and which sauna actually has medical benefits that a doctor would recommend? Which sauna would I allow my own elderly parents to use? These are the questions I had before I purchased my own sauna.


I did a lot of digging. Here’s what I found.

There’s a company called Medical Saunas that has doctors and health care specialists singing its praises. It seems to have all the aspects I’m looking for, but is it real? I was skeptical in the beginning, so I started doing my research.

Medical Saunas, under the umbrella of Medical Breakthroughs, is a company that claims they strive to increase the wellness of their customers. And the Sauna 6 Plus is one such model. This sauna is said to increase your blood flow and heal your muscles. But I wasn’t completely convinced. So, I decided to try it for myself.

Many companies charge for shipping. I’m on a low income, and I worried this would mean an extra $800 charge, but shipping is free.

They delivered the Medical 6 Sauna to me. Sure, it looked good, but did it really do everything the company said it could?

What are some of these health benefits? Well, the whole point of saunas is that they use the principles of hot/cold therapy. But many models of at-home saunas take too long to warm up, which defeats the entire purpose. The Medical 6 Plus heats the body almost immediately. Another benefit is that most regular saunas don’t remove BPA, a common toxin, from your body. But this sauna does. Yet another benefit is that the Medical 6 Plus has an insulated airflow system, to avoid unwanted temperature fluctuation.

All this sounds great, but how was the heating system?

Medical Saunas use an infrared heating system, designed to heat your body directly, not just the surrounding room. This may sound potentially dangerous, and, indeed, some company’s saunas have high EMF (electromagnetic field). The Medical 6 Plus, however, has an EMF lower than a hairdryer.


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So far, so good, but could they back up their health claims?

Their site has a number of videos from professionals who talk about the benefits of the sauna. An especially impressive video is from a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Damon Gangemi D.C., who found the chair useful in providing medical therapy to patients.

But there was one last concern I had. And it was a big one. I didn’t want to shell out my hard-earned cash to find that it stopped working within the first few weeks.

The Medical 6 Plus has excellent durability. Many saunas work fine in the beginning, but aren’t very long lasting.  These saunas are made from Hemlock, so they actually harden and become more durable with age. This is because of the natural wood, which doesn’t have any chemicals. It will actually become stronger the longer you own it! These units are sturdier than the competition, weighing significantly more.I have to admit, in the beginning, I worried that the effects of the Medical 6 Plus sounded too good to be true, but once I got it home, I was amazed by the results.

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