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Meditation apps to calm you down

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When city life is exhausting, sleep becomes intermittent, and the voice is irritated, it's time to change something and take a break for rest. It can be difficult to switch from an active day to meditative practices. Mobile apps come to the rescue: task suites, audio accompaniment, sleep monitoring, and social networks for meditators. Read more on apppearl.

Meditation has a lot of positive aspects. It allows you to calm down, relieve nervous tension, and focus on the upcoming tasks. Or, on the contrary, relax after a hard day. But meditation requires a special atmosphere. And to create it, you can use apps designed specifically to make your meditation sessions more correct and productive. Let's consider the best applications for meditation.


Headspace is one of the first meditation applications to appear on Android devices. This tool has a rather nice and intuitive user interface. The Headspace app includes various meditation courses on a variety of topics such as personal growth, work and performance, stress and anxiety, and so on. The only catch is that almost all courses require a premium subscription. And only a few resources are free, but that's enough to get you started.


Very popular worldwide application for relaxation and meditation. In Calm you will find dozens of ready-made meditative sessions, sounds of nature, soothing ambient music. Lessons vary in length, with a choice of short three-minute sessions or long sessions of a quarter of an hour.

In addition to educational video lessons and courses, there is also a special section for children, which contains several modes to create a relaxing atmosphere before bed, as well as several types of lullabies. And before bedtime, you can also read interesting news from the world of mobile technology. Calm is suitable for a smooth and gentle sleep and useful relaxing breaks during the day, when you need to bring clarity to your thoughts, relieve nervous tension but do not fall out of life and work rhythm.

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is probably the best meditation application if you have little free time. Select a session, program, and set the time to 5, 10, or 20 minutes. The rest of the application will do for you. There is also a timer for playing relaxing music before going to bed. Well, the most important advantage is that the application is free. For an additional fee, it offers features that you can do without.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the best free meditation applications to its extensive collection of free meditation sessions. There is also a community where you can see which meditation programs are most popular with app users at the moment. You can also add friends and track their progress. The paid version includes additional courses and programs.

Meditation & Relaxation

This meditation application has several programs and thematic sections, but other applications considered today can also do this. Meditation & Relaxation offers not only courses and programs but also a very detailed description of each of them. This is very useful if you are just beginning to comprehend this art. One of the main problems with this app is that 90% of the content requires a paid subscription. But the remaining 10% is enough to get involved and understand what meditation is and whether you need it at all.

White Noise

When unfinished business is constantly scrolling through your head and your nerves are buzzing like strings, it is hard to sleep. The application generates pleasant, calming sounds - a natural or familiar background. Among them are the rustle of ocean waves, rustles of the night forest, the measured hum of the fan, the clatter of the train wheels, and others. Effects can be mixed to create your sound pictures.

It is convenient to start the app before going to bed: after a set time, the volume will gradually decrease and the app will turn off. There is also a soft Wake-up function, such as the chirping of birds or the sound of rain. White Noise will not solve your problems for you, but it will make your morning memories of them less disturbing.


A nice game helps to cope with panic attacks, teaches you to control your breath. You need to blow along with the drawn cloud so that the virtual boat does not go off course. During the game, the breathing becomes even, the level of anxiety decreases and the fear recedes. According to the developers, you can stop a panic attack in 90 seconds of the game, and after four weeks there will be significant system improvements.

Insight Timer

Meditation is a good way to restore peace of mind or to borrow it from scratch. Insight Timer has a huge collection of voiced meditative lessons from world gurus representing different traditions and teachings. In addition to lessons, the app has more than eight hundred relaxing ringtones and background sounds. You don't need to be an advanced yogi to practice meditation: the app is also suitable for beginners.


A reliable children's way to cheer themselves up and fall out of the surrounding reality for an hour or two is to start coloring pictures. Colorfy is a coloring book for adults, but we use our fingers instead of pencils. The app has a wide palette of colors and many different drawings: animals, patterns, mandalas. From this color therapy trance, you will probably emerge much more calm and peaceful. Be careful: time for coloring flies quickly and completely unnoticed.


The app offers to pause life and immerse yourself in creativity, slowly drawing lines and shapes on the screen with your finger to soothing sounds. According to the developers, this simple action helps to relieve the brain and relieve stress, overcome anxiety and depression. You can draw zigzags and curves even with your eyes closed. the main thing is not to be distracted and keep moving your finger. As soon as you stop, the picture and music disappear from the screen.


If you don't have the opportunity to see a therapist regularly, and stress doesn't go away and accumulates every day, you can try to trust the Pacifica. This app is designed to combat anxiety and depression. You can set and monitor tasks in it, which is motivating and calming. You can start an electronic diary and control your mood. There is also a selection of meditations and beautiful visual effects in the application that can be adjusted for relaxation and balance.

We hope that you have already been released from one reading. Now take your smartphone and download the app you like.

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