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Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress: Why Memory Foam Mattress Are Better

While choosing a good mattress for ourselves, we always remain in a state of dilemma about which variant to buy that will suit our needs. 


All we vouch for is good sleep, but choosing a mattress is surely difficult to cater to. 


The two types of mattresses that people prefer to buy and between which people remain confused are the memory foam mattress & spring mattress. 


In this article, we will share detailed insight about these mattresses so that you can have a clear idea and make a wise choice.


Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are superior quality mattresses with unique features that provide remarkable support, cushion and exert no pressure on the body. 


This mattress is often referred to as "viscoelastic" polyurethane foam, which uses your body heat or pressure to mould the shape of the body, hugs the curves, and makes the person feel like sleeping on a fluffy cloud.


When the person gets up from the mattress, it returns to its original form. Hence, it is called 'Memory foam' because it tends to recall and return to its actual shape like our very own 'memory cells. 


This mattress is also suitable for people suffering from back & joint pains.


 There are two variants of memory foam available in the market.


1)  Open cell memory foam

This is also known as pure foam, which contains billions of interconnected balloon-like cells with tiny pores around for continuous air circulation. 


One of the biggest advantages of this foam is that it does not trap heat inside, releases moisture immediately, and allows better air circulation throughout the mattress. 


Thus, help people to stay cool even in the hottest summer.


2)  Closed cell memory foam 

This foam consists of a billion balloon-shaped closed cells packed together tightly but not interconnected. 


Hence it does not allow air to flow, making the mattress heaty when you are asleep.


Recent market reports show that memory foam mattresses with open-cell technology are customer's first choice due to their advanced sleep technology & long term health benefit. 


So, let us understand the type of memory foam mattress available in the market.


Types of memory foam mattress

Two categories of memory foam mattresses are available in the market.


1.  Weight induced – This type of memory foam mattress works on the concept of pressure-sensitive technology; by offering pressure-induced body contouring support when you sleep. Ideal for Indian conditions as the temperature can alter the mattress's firmness has a rapid recovery hence provides better back support.


2.  Temperature-induced - This type of memory foam mattress is ideal for cold climates only. It reacts to body heat & becomes more elastic during warm temperature by trapping the heat. 


Hence, it gives improper support to the spine & back & you will not get restful sleep.


We hope you got some clear insight about memory foam mattresses—time to look at another category of bed, i.e. spring mattress.


Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are made up of metal or steel coils & foam. The shape, size, and number of coils in a mattress can vary. As a general rule, more coils mean higher quality and more support.


Types of spring mattresses

There are many variants of spring mattresses. It comes in Marshall coils( pocket springs), Bonnell coils( thinner in the middle), offset coils, continuous coils( long wires).


Memory foam mattress vs Spring mattresses: Differences


With so many options available in the market, buying the right mattress for yourself may seem like a difficult task. 


So, let's make this task easier by looking at the basic differences between memory foam mattress & spring mattress.


1.  Durability-In terms of durability, memory foam mattresses prove to be more durable than spring mattresses. 


The coiling done in spring mattresses is prone to wear and tear. So, in terms of durability, memory foam mattresses will be a better choice.


2.  Mites- In spring mattresses, the inner layer has empty spaces, which can become breeding ground for dust and mites. 


However, this is not the case with memory foam mattresses. Most of them come with anti-dust mite and anti-fungus technology with removable covers that can be dry cleaned regularly.


3.  Zero pressure point- Memory foam mattresses provide relief from painful pressure points as it perfectly adapts to the person's body & evenly distribute body weight. Whereas spring mattresses lose their tensile strength over time, causing misalignment of the spine & create a body and backache.


4.  Support and bounciness- In memory foam mattresses, the individual's weight gets spread on the mattress equally, allowing optimum support to the back & spine. 


A spring mattress provides firm support, but the person's weight may not be spread in uniformity other than a memory foam mattress. 


However, the bouncy element is more in a spring mattress because of the spring coils than a memory foam mattress. 


But this bounciness is not good for people suffering from back & joint pains.


5.  Maintenance - Memory foam is easier to maintain because it comes with anti-dust technology and is easier to transport. 


At the same time, spring mattresses wear out faster since they are metal coils.


Also, some research has proved that the electromagnetic radiation caused by metal coils can be harmful & may cause cancer.


We hope you now got a clear picture of these two types of major core material used to make mattresses. Both have distinct features suitable for different needs. 


We always recommend you go for a certified memory foam mattress with anti-dust and anti-allergy technology for ultimate comfort & healthy sleep.


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