Now and then, as a male, you have anxious thoughts of you being good enough in front of women. Mainly, the idea is to impress your significant other, be it your wife, girlfriend, or even someone you temporarily have sexual intentions with. In many ways,you can explore to look even sexier and hotter than you naturally are, but that will require some amount of work from your side. One of the accessories you can use by which you can impress your significant othermainly is foreplay or to get things started is by wearing sexy underwear.

Men's sexy underwear can be a road to one's successful sexual life with his partner. There are many styles and ways by which you can experiment with your outlook. It is crucial that before really getting started into sex, while you take your clothes off and start foreplay, you should look dam attractive to boost your testosterone levels and your partner's estrogen and progesterone levels.

We will share some of the most attractive looks that you can easily pull off by making a trip to the departmental store. These looks will not only increase your sex drive but will also make you feel more comfortable and confident the moment you take off your clothes. Remember to get an idea of what your partner prefers in terms of your undergarment variations. Underwear styles vary in size, shapes, colors, straps, fabric, etc.


At first, these pieces will look very stingy and uncomfortable for you to try. If the material is not good enough, these can be the worst nightmare for you and will plausibly become extremely un-bearable. But it's not the case for all of them. If you get some high-quality ones that have fabric that is soft enough, they can turn out good for you. This opinion is subjective, some find these kinds of inner pieces best for them because of their body style, or maybe that's how they like to be. They do give a more seductive vibe to your body and look better if worn in dark colors such as black, blue, red, maroon, brown, etc. Of course, not all of us will find them exciting and comfortable enough, but there is no harm in owning a couple of them just in case you are in the mood for fun someday and want to try something completely different from your routine!


It is one of the most widely used underwear for men. Despite the boxer vs. briefs debate, both of them remain one of the most favorites of men these days and even in the previous days too. They are perfect for everyday use as they usually have a flap beneath the crotch for air to pass and keep your body parts dry. It usually fits till above your knees, which is an excellent thing as you are not entirely naked during foreplay. They offer the best support to manhood and prevent sweat, which is a big plus point in your sexual life. Some celebrities pull off these boxers in a way that will blow you off. So,do not wait,we are pretty sure you are no less than a celebrity, and you have the power of blowing people off, so do it while you still can!


It is the most popular type of underwear as well, a possible contender with the boxers. People think that because they are tighter and fitter than the boxers, they are the cause for male infertility. While this may be the case if you chose the wrong size and fit, but if you don't, then you are completely outstanding. These briefs keep the genital in a fixed position, unlike the boxers, which can be both a good and a bad thing for men. This subtly sexy apparel will cover your entire rear package but will leave the upper thighs along with the side for the show, thus providing the much-needed sex appeal without going over-the-top. They are also known to be the sexier undergarment a man can own and impress a woman. In terms of comfortableness, they provide smooth leg movements and are very suitable for long workouts. If you think of going to the gym and impressing someone there, this is the right option for you.


This underwear has been in the market since the starting of the year 1888. It is because the inventions of the bicycle lead the cycler's need for underwear that would prevent the saddle sore. Hence, an underwear type that offers extra support to your front crotch but leaves your bottoms completely free is in the market. While there is nothing to hide on the back, there is a more powerful pouch at the front. Jockstrapshave become a recently popular erotic peace for the pleasure purpose as it makes your partner more excited. It is hence a creative way to try out on a day where you are bored with the basic stuff. The factor by which it gains an edge over all the other types of undies is its feature of the revealing back. It also serves the purpose of ventilation and hence improves sperm count in the male body.


It is by far one of the craziest types you have ever seen. If you and your partner want to fascinating stuff up one day, this is what you should need. The lace underwear drifts away from the convention cotton or polyester fabric and hence comes up with a more creative lacy fabric that embroidered at times. These are often see-through, and your partner can imagine what she is about to encounter and hence emulsify her hormones even more. After a long tiring day at the office, this is the thing you would want. Nowadays, they are not extremely difficult to find in the market, but it will require a couple of research in terms of the shop where you can see this, so if you are up for the adventure, then you should go for this one.


While there are more types of ways you can try with your undergarment, the ones listed above are by far the most popular, sexist, and readily available in the market.  You can find more types if you pay a visit to the store and experiment your way.

Try more creative methods and maybe talk to your best friend and share your opinions with him. If you face any difficulties or lower self-esteem, know that you are good enough and that even without some touch-ups, you are good enough to impress anyone that is around you. You have the right, and you deserve to glam yourself up, so do the best you can and enjoy, making the most out of life every single day!

If you do not have the purpose of making someone else happy, do it for yourself. Dress up for yourself, look yourself, and enjoy what you do, be it alone. Remember that you do not need someone to make you happy, but in case you have your significant other, you have to make sure to keep opinions mind in terms of your sexual life to have a more healthy, exciting, and beneficial intimate experience ahead!