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Mercedes Matzen: Where to go for the Best Upstate Skiing Trip

The Catskills are some of the best mountains to use for skiing and if you are close to the New York area, you have quite an opportunity for a really fun getaway vacation. “If you are looking for some family fun, there are a mixture of mountain terrains that are good for more advanced skiers and for those that want to casually ski on a beginner level,” Mercedes Matzen says. 


Take a weekend or a week long getaway to the catskills and bond with friends and family

Use this trip as a time to bond and relish the company and see if you can grow closer. Solo trips are also a great recharging getaway after having to be social and extraverted in daily life.


“I love getting to take a weekend off and go skiing,” says New York native Mercedes Matzen. “Sometimes I’ll go with friends or family, but going alone is pretty great too!” As a business analyst for a healthcare company, she has a full plate. But, taking the time off when she needs it is a great way for her to unwind and have some fun.


Some of Mercedes Matzen’s favorite mountains are all in New York. Keeping her resort activity local is best when you want to have a staycation. Gore, Whiteface, Windham, Hunter, Belleayre  Mountains, and Holiday Valley are popular destinations for skiing.  


“Gore is the largest ski resort in New York. Spread over four peaks in the Adirondack Mountains, this premier ski destination has 110 ski trails, a vertical drop of 2,547 feet, and enough terrain for even the most demanding skier. The mountain has 14 lifts, including an eight-passenger gondola and two high-speed quad chairs,” Mercedes Matzen explains.


Whiteface Mountain has the largest vertical drop east of the Rocky Mountains, rivaling some of the popular ski resorts out West. Here, you'll find 3,400 feet of vertical, and varied terrain that is always covered in snow in winter owing to the mountain's 98 percent snowmaking coverage.


“Whiteface is more than just a place to come for skiing. The nearby town of Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics, is full of fantastic dining and entertainment options. You can easily spend an afternoon or evening walking down the delightful main street and soaking up the mountain town atmosphere,” Mercedes Matzen explains.


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“Windham Mountain is located in the Catskills and is within easy driving distance of New York City, just a few hours away,” Mercedes Matzen says. This fantastic ski resort offers up 1,900 feet of vertical drop and is spread out over two mountains. With 54 runs covering 754 acres, you will likely run out of energy before you run out of runs.

“The Windham is a hot spot for snowboarding, and six terrain parks have every imaginable hump, bump, or crazy rail to attempt,” Mercedes Matzen says. The resort can handle the weekend crowds with 11 lifts that can move nearly 23,000 people uphill each hour.

Also in the Catskills, and just under three hours from New York City is Hunter Mountain. “This resort is spread out over four mountains, and 85 percent of the runs are fairly evenly split among beginner, intermediate, and advanced,” Mercedes Matzen explains. For those who are at the expert skier level, the remaining 15 percent of the runs will take you down the steeps or through the glades.

Belleayre is located in the Catskills and is about three hours from New York City. This family-friendly ski resort offers a vertical drop of more than 1,400 feet and 50 named runs.

Spread out over several hills, Holiday Valley is like several ski areas folded into one. “Depending on where you go, you'll find long straight cruisers, steep short black diamonds, or twisty routes down through large evergreens. Three base lodges, a great ski school, and other off-mountain adventures like tubing and the Mountain Coaster make for a wide variety of things to do,” Mercedes Matzen says.

Take the time out to kick back and relax or have tons of fun at a ski lodge in the catskills! It’s a great place to connect with friends and family to unwind and really take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.


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