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Mesmerizing Places in Pakistan to Visit in 2019

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Pakistan is a beautiful country full of mesmerizing beauty and scenic views. People of Pakistan continue t explore the world in the search of beauty and cultural heritage while some of the most beautiful places in the world with rich heritage and culture keep waiting for their fellow countrymen to visit and explore them. People do not realize how much natural beauty they are missing out on by ignoring the northern areas packages of Pakistan. Some of the mesmerizing places you must definitely visit in 2019 include

Deosai National Park

Deosai is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region and is also known as the land of giants. It is a national park of high-altitude. The tourists can only visit the park in summers and it is not open to the public in the winter season due to the extreme conditions. Tibetan wolf, Tibetan red fox, Himalayan ibex, and golden marmots are the wild creatures found in the Deosai region.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is not too old and does not exist since forever. In 2010 a land sliding in dam caused the formation of Attabad Lake and since then the tourists are majorly attracted to the beautiful spot. It is known for its clear turquoise waters and is located in the Gojal Valley in Hunza.

Hunza Valley

Hunza is present in the mountainous valley region of Gilgit-Baltistan. You can find a wide range f natural beauty in Hunza like riverbanks and hills. Some of the beautiful creatures like red-striped foxes, snow leopards, ibexes and Markhors are found in the Hunza valley. It is definitely one of the most beautiful and best vacation spot to unwind.

Saiful Mulook Lake

Saiful Mulook Lake or Saiful Mulook jheel is present in the Saiful Mulook national park at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley. The town of Naran is home to this beautiful wonder of God. The flowing clear water is surrounded by high mountains which makes the spot extremely beautiful and twice as much prettier. It is the most visited spot by the local and global travelers.

Babusar Pass

Babusar pass is located at the northern corner of the Kaghan Valley and is he pathway to the Kaghan Valley. The pass is surrounded by thick forests and high mountains which give a scenic view to the location.

Satapara Lake

Satapara Lake is said to be the largest fresh water storage present in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is the home to tout fishes and let the people enjoy activities like rowing and fishing. It is located near Skardu and provides fresh drinking water to the people of Skardu.

Sawat Valley

Swat valley is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots due t the abundance of natural beauty present there. One f the most visited spot in Swat valley is Malam Jabba.


Concordia is located along the border of China and is a heaven for mountaineers. Four of the tallest mountain peaks present in Pakistan can be seen from the Concordia spot and the view is absolutely heavenly.

These are some of the most beautiful and attractive tourist spots of the country and people must visit these at least once in their lifetime. The rest of the world like Greece and Switzerland is nothing in front of the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. Throughout the year, traveling companies like travelo offer exciting packages of Pakistan tour in which some of the best places in the country are visited and explored. You must avail these offers and explore the beauty and culture across the country in northern areas.

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