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Metal Detecting Accessories for A Successful Treasure Hunt

If you are an enthusiastic hunter, you probably want to treasure hunt every field out there. You also perhaps know that the fun and excitement can quickly be drawn out in the absence of metal detecting accessories. However, for beginners, it is hard to decide where to begin. If that’s the case with you, keep reading. This guide lists all accessories that must be a part of every backpack while you are on a hunt with the detector.

Headphones – Essential Metal Detecting Accessory

It will be a big deal breaker if you buy the expensive product from a metal detector store and forget to get headphones. They are essential as they help ensure you are not missing out on any signal due to background noises. All the sounds will be blocked to help you concentrate on the quietest of tones.

They come in various sizes and features. Look for volume control and wireless characteristics as they will be easier to use. Also, if you plan to go exploring deep into the water, underwater headphones are a must.

Digging Tools & Scoop

You may end up with a collection of various digging instruments. Don’t panic! You’ll need these to use on different terrains and to comply with the regulations. For instance, you want to have a sand scoop on the beach to let sand and water pass through the targets. For parks and rivers, hand diggers will be extremely valuable. Research to see what tools are required for the prospective sites.

Search Coil Covers

The next on the list for metal detecting pouch is the coil cover. You may want to get cover for each search coil you own. It is essential to protect the part from quick wear and tear or other damages while probing on the rugged field. Buying the cover is a lot cheaper than paying for a new coil; so, think about it.

Pin Pointers

Do not go to the field without a pinpointer! The detector will only give you a general idea of the target, but this magical device will let you know the exact location. The vibration and sounds will start to increase as you come closer to the target. You can save valuable time by reducing the area to dig in and fill back.

Extra Supplies for Metal Detecting Gear List

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting spare stock batteries or chargers required for refueling. You can keep hunting for a long time if you have some extras at your hand. Whereas, if you forget to bring them, it means you have to pack early and go back, missing your chance of discovering good metal detecting finds.

Fanny packs

Keep your finds and equipment together in a single fanny pack/utility belt. Not to mention, you can also carry along keys, smartphones, and wallets. Luckily, there is a wide range of collections in the market. So, feel free to explore, customize, and look for stylish choices.

The list of metal detecting accessories is quite long. It depends on the terrain you are hunting on. However, regardless of where you go, the tools mentioned above are a must-have for every hunter. If you don’t know where to start, take assistance from the sellers you buy the metal detectors from. The experts like Teknetics Direct will be more than happy to help you complete the tool kit.

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