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Method to Edit Text in PDF for Mac

Digitalization of the globe has caused many of us to shift from paper to digital documents like word files, excel sheets, and PDF files. Companies and businesses create a large number of files regularly. These files contain statistical data, business records, private data, and many other files that must be protected. Sharing a document using the portable format ensures security and is convenient for most professionals. With PDF, you do not need to worry if the words of the contract are altered or if some personal data has been tampered with.

Why do you want to edit the text in PDF?

PDFs can't be tampered with, but what if you require a change in the data you've stored in a PDF file? What if the statistics have changed? What if you find a mistake in the document? Or what if there's something new that you want to add to that document? Worry not; it's not impossible to edit a PDF. All you need is a good PDF editor that allows you to edit, delete or add text and images to an already stored PDF file.

Want to edit the text in PDF on Mac? We have the solution

The three primary methods by which anyone can edit text in a PDF document on Mac are discussed in this article.

1.    Method 1: Using UPDF for Mac

UPDF is an all-in-one, free, exceptionally designed PDF editor that works on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android systems. To sign-up, all you need is an active email account. Open the UPDF editor's website or download the app and sign-up using your email. Set up your username and password and start editing PDF files free of cost.

Edit a PDF using UPDF for Mac: step-by-step user guide

Once you have signed in to your UPDF editor, you need to open the PDF file you want to be altered and start editing.

●      Opening a PDF in UPDF editor for Mac

To open a PDF file on Mac, you can drag it from the finder and drop it onto the UPDF interface, or you can click the open file and select it in the finder to import. UPDF editor also allows you to open locked PDF files in UPDF for Mac, type in the password, and you're good to edit. 

●      Viewing PDF in UPDF editor for Mac

Once you've opened a PDF file in the editor, you can view it as you like. The app allows single-page, double-page, and scrolling double-page views. It also allows you to view multiple PDF documents at once.

●      Edit Text in UPDF on Mac

To edit a PDF file in the UPDF Mac version, follow the following steps.

  • Click on EDIT on the top panel to enter PDF editing mode.
  • Click the text you want to edit; it can be a word, line, or paragraph.
  • Once a purple borderline appears, double click to enter text-edit mode.
  • Change the text as you wish.
  • Drag to select the text; you can now change the font size, color, font style, and text alignment.

●      Add Text to PDF in UPDF editor for Mac.

  • Click on EDIT on the top panel to enter PDF editing mode.
  • Now click ADD TEXT in the top toolbar.
  • UPDF editor allows you to change the text's font style, color, size, and alignment.
  • To exit the edit mode, click outside the text box.

●      Add text as a comment in the UPDF editor for Mac

Click on COMMENT on the top panel.

Once you enter the comment mode, you can repeat the process of adding text; the text will be added as a comment. You can change the color of the text, its size, and font style, as well as the color of the comment box.

What else can you do with the UPDF editor for Mac?

UPDF editor is a free PDF reader to edit your PDF files. It helps you alter or add text in the PDF files and aids you with multiple other features. The key features of the free UPDF editor for Mac are enlisted as follows.

  • Add, edit or delete images.
  • Add quick signatures, stamps, or stickers
  • Share PDF files via email or make a URL
  • Delete text, images, or even pages
  • Navigate through the PDF and add bookmarks
  • Change the orientation of the pages
  • Print copies of your PDF file
  • Organize or manage one or more than one PDF files

2.    Method 2; Convert PDF to Word, and then edit the text in Word

The second method to edit text in PDF on Mac requires you to convert a PDF document to a word document and then edit the text in that document. There are multiple free PDF to Word converters on the web and in in-app stores. You can download any of them to convert your PDF file to DOCX. You can use Adobe or MS Word to convert the files into DOCX.

Once the PDF file is converted into a DOCX, you can edit the text using the tools available for editing in the word office. Once you complete the document, save it in PDF format to be safe.

3.    Method 3; Use Preview to add text or copy text from PDF to Microsoft Word to edit

Preview is the default option on Mac to view PDF files with a built-in ability to type on those documents. However, the preview option does not support changing the original text of the PDF file. Therefore you can fill in the blanks or sign contracts this way. It doesn't allow you to alter the original text of the file.

Another simple way to edit text in PDF on Mac is to select the entire text of the document, copy it, and then paste it onto a word document. You can then make all the necessary changes using word tools.


One needs faster ways to cope with the technological and digital advancements, and UPDF editor for Mac indeed does all the work for you. It's easy to use, fast, reliable, energy-saving, and free!

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