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Mind Blowing Facts about Pearl Jewelry

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Pearl jewelry dates back to centuries. Earlier it was used to be worn by rulers and high class people. But in the 21st century, pearls are available in the market and anyone can purchase it. Pearls are neither too expensive nor cheap, they are priced moderately and therefore they can be afforded by most of the people.

Pearls are perfect for every occasion, whether it’s a casual outing or attending a wedding ceremony, you can always team up the right set up pearls with your clothes. Pearls have their own elegance and it provides a class apart to those who wear it. Pearls are classy as well as durable so you can wear it anywhere without thinking twice.

From the above we can conclude that pearl is one of the best natural gemstones which have its own class. But did you know about the facts of pearls which will amaze you? In this post we will highlight few facts of pearls which you have probably never heard of.

Pearls have a lot of variety and depending on its origin, shape and size the price differs. The most in demand pearl is the market is the Tahitian Pearl. These pearls are harvested by farmers in France Polynesia. These pearls have a lot of shapes and colors, making it perfect to wear to a variety of occasions.

Necklaces with Tahitian Pearl are very classy and elegant. If you wear one of these then surely you will get a lot of attention. This piece of jewelry can make you stand out from the crowd! It does not matter if you choose a dark colored pearl or a light grey one; Tahitian Pearl jewelry will never go unnoticed in the crowd.

In this post we will discuss few occasions where you should Tahitian Pearl jewelry and become the showstopper of the day.

Only Natural Gemstone

Pearl is the only natural gemstone that is created by a living creature? Yes, pearls are formed by oysters. Other gems like diamonds; emeralds etc are formed inside the Earth due to the pressure inside the Earth’s crust.

Kokichi Mikimoto: A legend

Kokichi Mikimoto is the first person who was successful to create cultured pearl. He also made the headlines when he was able to create the perfect Artificial Round Pearl. Pearls are rarely round in shape, and the round ones are expensive.

Rarest among other jewels

Pearls are very rare to find. In a study it was found that out of every 10,000 wild oysters only 1 has a pearl in them. In modern times also due to overfishing, oyster beds have also been depleted, and therefore it is very difficult to get natural pearls.

Natural Vs cultured

Every shop you go to buy a pearl jewelry, they will claim that the pearl is natural. But they are wrong, only 1% of the pearls in the market are natural and rest 99% are cultured pearls. Due to depleted oyster beds it is difficult to find natural pearls. Please visit this website to know more information about pearls.


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