Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Mindful Eating: Vegan Breakfast Edition

Mindful Eating: Vegan Breakfast Edition

There is a saying that has been floating about for years. This saying started in the 1800s, and it still applies this day. The well-known saying is, "you are what you eat." The proverb's gist is that everything that goes into an individual's body, whether it is food, supplements, or even water, can dictate that person's overall health. This quote can be expressed through a person giving up sugar, fried foods, or even meat. For example, a plant-based diet is one specific way an individual can start their journey into mindful eating. One of the first steps in figuring out how to achieve mindful-eating can be as simple as an omnivore figuring out how he or she can incorporate veganism into his or her daily life. This is where the search for new recipes can come into play.

Misconceptions of Veganism

Before looking into just how versatile vegan recipes can be, it is essential to first address the myths regarding the vegan lifestyle. One myth is that veganism tends to be thought of as a very limited diet. People tend to see veganism as a diet that revolves around the consumption of only fruits and vegetables. This misconception can be quiet deterring for individuals who are not very big fans of salads, apples, or even oranges.

The great thing about going the plant-based route is that there are so many appealing alternatives for individuals who do not want to sacrifice their taste buds in the process. For instance, pancakes do not have to be a dream of the past for pancake lovers. There are even non-dairy alternatives for individuals who love to have cream in their coffee, as well as plant-based options for both egg and sausage lovers. In addition to coffee, there are other beverage choices outside of the typical strawberry banana smoothie. For instance, shakes, such as a proplant complete shake, can be a great addition to the meal of a person's choosing.

Subbing It Out

When it comes to making pancakes, there are three main ingredients a person would have to substitute. These ingredients refer to the only three animal-based products that are added when making pancakes. This means no milk, eggs, or butter. The great news is that there are already so many alternatives for individuals interested in taking the plant-based route.

For substituting dairy milk, a person can choose any plant-based milk, such as almond or oat milk. Instead of using eggs, a single banana would be a great alternative to use as a binder. In terms of plant-based butter, numerous vegan butter brands resemble dairy butter in taste. Outside of these three ingredients, nothing can stop a pancake lover from devouring a batch of pancakes before their morning commute.

Variations for Days

Is French toast a must as a breakfast choice? Are breakfast tacos an absolute need? How about cinnamon rolls? The great news is that all of these recipes can still be an option, even with a plant-based diet. When it comes to making French toast, all a person has to do is choose a bread that does not contain milk, eggs, or gelatin. If breakfast tacos are on the menu, go for lard-free tortillas with the addition of tofu to substitute meat. As far as cinnamon rolls go, the only two substitutes are vegan butter and almond milk. Sounds unbelievably simple enough, right? The key is to not rely on the same handful of vegan dishes every morning and to explore new recipes.

No Sacrifices Necessary


Breakfast may still be the most important meal of the day, but a person shouldn't have to sacrifice their taste buds in the process. Mindful eating and deliciousness can go hand-in-hand. Dieting and lifestyle changes do not always have to be a chore. Even with a plant-based diet, there is a whole new culinary world out there. All a person has to do is go out there and find it.

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