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Sleek and Chic: Embracing Minimalism In Modern Kitchen Aesthetics

We all have taps in our kitchen, but a boiling water tap turns the table. In our daily household, we need both cold water and hot water. Cold water is ready-made from the fridge, but making hot water takes time. For a quick solution, you can try installing a  boiling water tap

It gives instant hot water in one turn of the handle. This tap is a minimalist for kitchen aesthetics as it adds beauty with its design. Now let's see why the hot water tap is worth the hype. 

The Rise of Boiling Water Taps

Within a few years, the boiling water tap has become a favourite addition to kitchens. From 2020 to 2021, the demand for this tap went from 40% to 100%. Since it is friendly to the environment, you will hardly get any drawbacks. 

You will need less electricity to operate the hot water tap than kettles. It consumes 3p per day and saves 6% of the electricity bill. 

A boiling water tap gives the benefit of conserving water too. Usually, we overfill our kettle to boil water, but a hot water tap doesn't allow us to make that mistake. You can turn its handle like a normal faucet handle and dispense as much hot water as you need. 

Embracing Minimalism in Kitchen Design

Hot water taps or boiling water taps embrace minimalism in kitchen design. How? Their design is so simple and modern that you won't feel like you have an extra gadget in your kitchen. 

After getting this water tap, you will feel like you got a helping hand for your necessities and a minimalist for your kitchen design. 

Simple Use

Back in the day, we used to put a kettle on the stove and wait for a long time for water to boil, which was risky. Now because of a boiling water tap we don't have to struggle. 

This water tap requires simple operation. Just turn the handle, and you will get piping-hot water from it. 

Temperatures adjustment 

Unlike ordinary taps, a boiling water tap will allow you to adjust water temperature. For washing and sterilizing your metallic items, you can set the temperature for lukewarm water. 

Sleek design

With practical outcomes, a boiling water tap will uplift the shape of your kitchen. Don't worry thinking that two taps can ruin your kitchen's look. It is because the minimalist design of the hot water tap complements the regular sink we have in our kitchen. 

Materials And Finish

Most often, boiling water taps are made of stainless steel, bronze, and chrome with a smooth finish. Overall, these give a sleek design to the tap. 

The Boiling Water Tap: A Perfect Addition to Minimalist Kitchens

Boiling water taps or hot water taps give instant boiling water. They use the boiler tank installed below the sink, which helps to heat water and dispense when the handle is turned on. The design of this amazing water tap will not only enhance your kitchen's design but also give convenience. Let's see how! 

Ease Of Use

An instant boiling water tap does the job as it sounds. Other than preparing meals and coffee, you can use the boiling water tap for cleaning and washing knives, spoons, dishes, etc. You can also sterilize baby bottles and pans with the hot water coming out from the tap. 

Safe To Use

Users should be concerned about the safety of boiling water tap as it provides hot water. Luckily, this water tap is much safer than any kettle or pan. 

Usually we drop hot water which may lead to accidents. A boiling water tap stays fixed into place. So you can't accidentally drop and spill on your legs. Use it like you are taking water from a filter. 

Unlike ordinary taps, a boiling water tap doesn't flow water with high pressure. Thus, the hot water won't sprinkle on you. 

Another great feature in this tap is the built-in handle. It requires more twists than ordinary tap handles. As a result, you can avoid running hot water accidentally.


Compared to kettles, boiling water taps sustain more. It is because you can dispense the right amount of water from the tap. For instance, to fill a mug of tea or a bowl to sterilise items, you can keep the handles turned on until needed. Whether it is for cleaning or drinking, a boiling water tap will give hot water instantly. 


It's not been so long since boiling water taps have taken place in kitchens. In our busy lives, it becomes hard for us to stand and wait for water to boil. But what can be better than getting boiled water in just one click? 

Be it preparing the morning coffee or cup noodles, the hot water tap is indeed a time saviour for all tasks. Hopefully, you have made up your mind about getting a boiling water tap for your kitchen. If not, you must think again. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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