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Misconceptions People Have About Pat Testing

PAT Testing

As we all know that it is very important to make your house safe and secure. And for this you should prefer to get the Electronic safety test certificate via PAT Testing. In this way all your electrical equipment will be checked and tested properly that will help you to keep everyone safe from unexpected accidents. Here in this article we are discussing about some of the misconceptions that people use to have about PAT testing.

1. Misconception About Toaster Checking Time:

Actually, there are so many PAT Testing companies whom you can hire for getting certificate of EICR London. That will be issued after checking all the electrical devices present in your house.  Actually, some testers claim that things like toasters should get inspected after every 12 months. But this is the biggest misconception that people use to have about PAT testing. Actually, you have to do PAT Testing of entire house all over again after 2 years and the same rule is also applicable to your toaster.

2. Thinking Yourself Expert Tester After A Short Course:

Another misconception that people use to have about PAT testing is that some people use to think they can become a tester after getting registration for a half day course named train the tester. Which is completely wrong concept infect you should have enough amount of knowledge and experience for becoming a PAT tester. You just can’t take the kits and become the PAT tester.

3. Maintaining Your PAT Testing Equipment:

Other than that some people use to forget that PAT testing equipment also needs to be maintained properly. If you are using the equipment regularly, then obviously it is facing wear and tear. So you have to try to keep it in the best possible condition. So that you will get perfect and accurate results.

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4. Misconception About Labels and Record Keeping:

Another misconception that people use to have is about labelling and record keeping the equipment after testing it. Actually, you should be aware of the fact that there is no law that will require you to label the equipment after testing it. Some testers will try to charge you extra for labelling or record keeping services. So you should better be aware about them don’t pay them extra charges. As these things are not legally must have things.

5. Misconception About Testing New Equipment:

Another misconception that people use to have is that they use to think they want to test all equipment even if they have bought new one. So they are wrong all the new equipment that you have bought are not liable for PAT testing until it gets two years old. Yes, after two years of using this equipment, now you will be responsible for testing it just like other equipment.

6. Misconception About Testing Battery-Operated Items:

Another thing that you should know about PAT testing is that all types of battery operated equipment that you are using doesn’t need to have PAT testing. They really don’t need to have any type of visual checks. So be aware and save yourself from Testers who can try to fool you by charging you for testing these equipment also.

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