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5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Blog Traffic

Reaching your target audience is critical in business as it allows you to generate leads. When you reach your potential customers, you can work your way around and turn them into sales.

However, it doesn't just require reaching them; they also need proper strategies, such as nurturing techniques. Business owners visit findmyprospects.com site for tips and tricks on how to generate leads and turn them into sales.

Creating content is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and generate leads. However, it isn't as simple as you think, as there are many factors you need to consider.

In this article, we'll cover five mistakes that you should avoid to boost traffic.

Unpersonalized Content

People love reading blogs before buying an item. If your business is in the retail industry, people read your blogs to learn more about the company. It's also a perfect opportunity for them to know the latest promos and offers.

When you create a blog, ensure the content is for a person. Add character to it, and ensure it becomes more engaging for your target audience. It becomes more accessible for the business to write content if we know people's characteristics and desires.

It's best to avoid going away from your business's goals and the people's problems that your company can solve. This'll allow your team to connect more to your audience without being invasive.

Poorly Written Texts

The texts in your blogs contribute a lot to its traffic. If the blog is poorly written, nobody would want to read it. People will mostly ignore the blog as they deem it a waste of time.

Although the page, designs, and layout look fascinating, if the content isn't worth reading, you can expect poor traffic on the blog. You won't be able to make good relationships with your customer and cannot generate leads.

When writing blogs, always keep in mind that they should be well-written and understandable. Aside from grammatical errors, you should also be aware of punctuation.

On the other hand, if your content is well-written, you can expect that people will reread it, share it on their social media pages, or recommend it to their friends. This increase the organic traffic, allowing you to generate more leads.

Insufficient SEO Execution

Proper execution of SEO is critical as that'll take your content to the top of search engine searches. For instance, if you wrote an article about your product, they'd be able to easily see your blog as it becomes part of the top results.

Unfortunately, many companies don't know how to utilize SEO properly. One of the common errors people make is keyword stuffing. It's true that if you put more keywords to your content, it could boost its ranking. However, the quality can be affected negatively, and in most cases, Google might give penalties.

So when you write blogs, ensure you are updated regarding the SEO standards. You also have to ensure that the SEO is appropriately executed, especially regarding keywords and placement.

Ineffective CTA

CTA is a helpful tool to redirect your target audience to specific sites or your landing pages. However, many companies doubt this as they think it is ineffective. When done correctly, it could increase traffic and generate more leads by redirecting the readers to the correct pages.

One of the most efficient CTA you could use is to include a share button where they can post the blog link on their social media pages or copy the link and post it to their accounts manually.

Other than SNS, you can also include some links, specifically to the product you are featuring.

One thing to remember is to know where to put the CTA in your articles.

Discouraging Titles

The title sets the readers' interest and hints at what the article is about. This can become an opportunity for you to invite the user to what your company has to offer.

When thinking of a blog title for your post, make sure it is compelling and quite catchy for readers. Think of it as a clue for them to what's in the content.

You need to be careful of the length and the words used. People might lose interest immediately if you'd include unfamiliar words or company names on your titles. Headings or titles shouldn't be lengthy as well. Keep it short and understandable for everyone.

The Bottomline

Blog posts can help your business get more leads. When you reach your target audience, you'd quickly identify who clicked them because of interests. You could nurture them and turn them into sales later on.

When writing blogs, avoiding the things we mentioned above is critical. We also recommend using digital tools to create quality content. That'll help you boost traffic, resulting in better lead generation that can be turned into sales later.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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