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Mistakes to avoid when flying a quadcopter

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Flying a quadcopter is fun unless it threatens someone's safety or the integrity of the drone. If you're a careful pilot, you will never crash the precious device or even cause accidents. How then do you avoid ugly incidents when flying? Continue reading and find out a dozen of mistakes you can avoid when flying quadcopters.

Bringing down the two sticks simultaneously as you fly

This is such a dangerous move that disables the phantom engines. Bringing together the sticks while the drone is in the air will make it fall and break. Thus, you've to follow your fingers' movement carefully, which will save you lots of money. 

Not tightening the screws.

It's always a safe practice to check through the screws before takeoff. Tightening the screws ensures that they don't get unscrewed during the takeoff and landing. It's an easy-to-avoid practice, but for some strange reasons, many pilots find it hard to follow through, and thus, many of these, especially beginners, have crashed their phantoms.

Failure to set height for returning

Unless your quadcopter's an automatic phantom, it may never return home. Before you begin the flight, you've to ensure that you set it over the highest obstacles. That means you must do a thorough scan of your environment to see the buildings, hills or mountains, and other obstacles to find out how high they are. That way, you know the return height you need to set. 

Not keeping track of your battery status.

Before a flight, one of the things you've to put in mind is the condition of your quadcopter. The primary thing you've to check out for is battery power. Ensure it's fully charged, and if you don't have the experience of how long the power can last, and then you've to fly low for the first time until you're conversant with such. 

While in the air, you may get a battery warning- don't ignore it. It's time to return your device. Again, you've to check the direction of the wind. It takes more energy to return the drone against the wind. 

Avoid flying indoors unless you're experienced.

Even the experienced pilots break their phantoms indoors, and therefore it's not an option for the first-timers. Try flying in streets with GPS disabled and demonstrate your skills inside an enclosure. You should fly your drone in a building once you've mastered the skills and control it on your own without the help of satellites. 

The go-home function  

Turning off the go-home function won't cause a fall on its own but will frighten the pilot. If you're scared, then you're bound to make mistakes that could lead to the loss of the quadcopter. Thus if you're some twenty meters away from the launching point and you've got a battery signal, you can turn off the Go Home function, so you land the phantom yourself. If not, the drone will come down and turn back again. In panic, the result would be tugging the sticks abruptly and thus break the drone.

Before you begin to fly the quadcopter, you've to keep in mind that any slight mistake or ignorance could lead to a crash. Take time to study this beginner quadcopter guide. With all that information, you can now fly safely.  


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