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Mistakes to Avoid When Involved in a Katy Car Accident

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A couple of car accidents are common on an average day in Katy, Texas. Car accident rates in Katy had increased by 45% between 2014 and 2018. For a city with a population of less than 20,000, the number of accidents is abnormally high. When you get involved in a car accident, it is natural to feel disoriented. You might go into shock from the impact, even if you are not severely hurt.

You must, of course, remove yourself, and those with you, out of harm's way. But if you know that the accident was not your fault, then a Katy car accident lawyer will know what to do.

If you are already thinking of suing for compensation for the emotional and physical trauma, you should avoid mistakes that will hinder your progress.

  1. Not Reporting the Incident

Make sure you report the accident to the police, and it is not advisable to leave the site of the accident before they arrive unless you are severely injured. The police will gather vital circumstantial evidence from the scene, and when you file for your compensation, the damages will be corroborated from the police files.

The police will document all the key points from the site, and you can use this while dealing with insurance companies and the faulty party. With one of five accidents ending in injury in Katy, you need to report to the police so that your case can be tracked easily.

  1. Sounding Apologetic

Don't speak to anyone other than your lawyer or the police after the accident. Even then, do not say anything to the police that can be construed as an apology. You may think that saying something like "I am sorry" is just a regular statement, but it can be used against you in court.

The insurance company or the other party may use it to establish that it was your fault that caused the accident, so try not to speak to anyone without your lawyer by your side.


  1. Not Collecting Evidence

The police will do their job, but you should also start collecting evidence as soon as you have recovered from the impact. Some of the evidence might be lost even before the police arrive, or the other party might tamper with the evidence at that time. You should click photos of the accident scene with your camera.

Although there are CCTV cameras on the road in Katy at strategic points, click pictures of your injuries to record how much you were hurt before the paramedics arrive and clean you up. Talk to the eyewitnesses and get their contact numbers before they walk away. This will help you immensely in your case.


  1. Skipping Medical Examination

Even if you were in a significant accident, you might feel lucky to escape unhurt since there was no significant injury and you feel there is no need to visit a doctor. This is a massive mistake because, without medical reports, it is impossible to prove that anything happened to you at all.

The trauma might surface a few days later, sometimes even after weeks. There might be internal injuries that could be far more damaging. Make sure you get medically examined and retain the records.


The Texas Department of Transportation is always looking for ways to reduce accidents with better traffic laws in place. Meanwhile, a Katy car accident lawyer will help with documenting and presenting your case in court. It might seem like a good idea to settle as quickly as possible, but a lawyer will fight for you and get you compensated for the best possible amount.

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