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Mistakes to avoid while designing your kitchen

Good kitchen design isn’t all about shining lights, stunning countertops, quartz worktops London, expensive cabinets, etc. but is also about plan and layout that makes a kitchen fully functional. If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen anytime soon or are about to design a new kitchen in your new home, you have to keep certain things in mind. Our guide below talks about these things, common kitchen designing mistakes, in detail, so that you can escape doing the same.


Insufficient circulation space


Adequate circulation space in the kitchen is a must, as its inadequacy could end up giving a cramped up look and feel to your kitchen. There should be enough circulation space so that you and others can use the area comfortably. To avoid this mistake, make sure to leave about four feet of space between kitchen countertops. You can bring down the free space measurement if your kitchen is small.


Doing it all alone


There are no two ways about it that a lot of information on everything is readily available online these days. There are all sorts of DIY shows on the internet or the television that have equipped us to do many things. However, experience and expertise is still a prerequisite for doing anything correctly or entirely. So, unless you are a professional interior designer, you shouldn’t be doing all the designing all by yourself. You should, at some point, seek professional consultation of a kitchen design expert about cabinets, marble worktops London, etc.


Forgetting about the workflow


A proper workflow in the kitchen is essential, as it is something that can make your kitchen as efficient as you desire it to be. If it doesn’t have a smooth workflow, you will end up spending more time and effort doing every work in the kitchen. To avoid the same, you have to plan your kitchen according to how you intend to use it. You have to think of ways to enhance your kitchen’s functionality, such as adding extra storage for everyday spices, oil nearby cooking zone and dish storage beside the dishwasher.


No appliance measurement

Ideal kitchen design is a result of meticulous planning; whereas, lack of planning can result in low kitchen designing. Measuring all the appliances that you want to place in your kitchen should be one of the steps of your kitchen planning. It would help you escape all the discomfort and disappointment that usually comes after the placement of much bigger appliances in the kitchen. You can select all the devices in advance after checking their dimensions so that none of them interferes later with the circulation space of your kitchen.


Ignoring functionality

Just as it is essential to install beautiful quartz worktops London and pay attention to other aesthetics of the kitchen, paying attention to the kitchen’s functionality is equally important. For achieving a fully functional kitchen, you have to consider the ideal placement of your kitchen’s busiest areas – the sink, stove and fridge. They should have the perfect locations so that you and others can work comfortably and efficiently. In other words, design in a way that your kitchen turns out to be both smart and space-efficient.


Poor placement of cabinets and drawers

Not just the size and type but the placement of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen is also essential. It would help if you placed the cabinets close to the working area, such as dish cabinets near the washing area. Another thing that you should be concerned about is the opening of the cabinets, as it should not be interfering with or blocking walkways.


Crowded cooking zone

Crowding the cooking zone not only makes the kitchen unappealing but also creates a potential safety hazard. You can go through the efficiency guidelines yourself or can always seek the professional help of reputed kitchen designers. As per the guidelines, there should be a minimum of 12 inches of countertop on one side of the cook top and 15 inches on the other side.


Inadequate lighting

Despite having designed a beautiful and functional kitchen, you cannot have the desired effect if there is improper lighting. It shows the impact of lighting on the kitchen or any other room for that matter. Therefore, don’t forget to incorporate ample lighting whenever designing your kitchen. You can go for the latest light options, which are smart and energy-efficient altogether.


Ignoring the details

If you are looking forward to designing a beautiful and functional kitchen, you ought to pay attention to details. Doing anything superficially won’t help. Whether it is about sourcing high-quality, contemporary marble worktops London, backsplashes, floors, cabinets or lights, you cannot be taking the risk of counting on random suppliers. Go online or gather enough information about the best sellers and designers for rewarding results.




Kitchen remodelling and designing have to be a painstaking process, as it is vulnerable to many mistakes. However, people can escape committing the most common kitchen designing mistakes with the right knowledge and passion.


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