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Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Apply Pan Card Online

Filling out government documents online is a tedious task on its own. Primarily because of the accuracy that you have to maintain while filling these documents. Thus, when you fill out these online forms, committing any mistake means to say that you would have to revert the entire process and start from the beginning.

Thus, when it comes down to filling out the details of pan card form online, it's a solemn affair where you need to avoid inevitable mistakes that one should keep in mind. All of the individual care and attention that one needs to give are stated below.


Signatures can be of different types. But then in when you apply for pan card online, you need to keep in mind that both the pages require your initials. It should be done with a black pen and no other color. Just the signature would do, your name, date, the designation isn't required.


The name is quite crucial while you are entering your personal information onto the pan card form online. Your name should be in full as mentioned in your Aadhar card or any government certificate. Please ensure that you fill in the correct details in every option such that you don't create any mishaps or errors in the end.


While you are entering the details in the pan card form online, you will have to upload your photograph as well. Thus, it's better to use an original version of your picture rather than a scanned version of the original one. Also, to ensure that the photograph is the most recent one and free from any defects. At times, the pan card form is filled offline and then uploaded. Thus, ensure that you don't staple the photograph or use pins to attach the picture to the form. Instead, use a glue stick to stick it in place firmly.

Identity Proof

There are several options that one can use when it comes to submitting valid documents. In terms of identity proof, you can choose any one of the options provided in the pan card form and upload the relevant documents. Also, ensure that the name that you have entered on these documents is the same one that you wish to get imprinted on your pan card.


There are several times where everything might be correct, but your phone number or house address might be wrong, and your pan card never gets delivered. Thus, to ensure that you check all of your communication details such as phone number, house address, PIN code, landmark, e-mail address, etc. at least once such that you can receive your pan card on time.

Hence, the above-given safety measures should enable a person to submit their pan card application form correctly without any errors. But then in case if you find any difficulties, you can reach out the pan card agency to help you fill in the application form and receive their pan cards on time.

Rubina S
Rubina S
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