Mixing Motherhood and Management: Your Business Can Thrive


Running your own business can be very challenging, and it becomes even more challenging if you are a mom. Not only do you have a company to keep running, but you also have youngsters and a household demanding your time. Helpful tips to help you keep both your home and work life in optimal condition while raising a family include the following: 




Many mothers are reluctant to loosen the reins within their company in fear that they might lose control over some aspects of their work. They may also feel that employees may not perform tasks as well as they do or care as much about the final product. 


But sometimes you just have to let go of perfection if you want to get a job done in a timely manner. And you might be surprised; the individual who takes over the duties may be so thrilled at the new responsibilities you have asked of her that she might just excel and greatly exceed your expectations. Realize that when your company expands, this is a skill that you are going to desperately need anyway. Get used to giving away part of your power and your responsibilities. In the end, it will help your company grow and make you a stronger leader. 


Be Flexible 


You may need to just forget working from nine to five and concentrate on putting time into your business when you can. For example, if you have a baby who still wakes up during the night and may not go back to sleep for some time, take the time to cuddle and feed her. Also utilize those hours to write correspondence, read about new trends in the business, or even send emails. If you have older children, work around their school activities and then take up your correspondence and other responsibilities after they have gone to bed or early the next morning. Utilize time spent in waiting rooms and while at a standstill in traffic to return sort papers, return messages, update your planner, make goals, and, in general, just get yourself organized. 


And be flexible with others. If you have employees with small children, give them more flexible schedules if possible. This will create loyalty and teamwork, as well as increase their overall commitment to you and your business. 


Use Technology and New Techniques 


Be open to and aware of new tools that can be used to help your business and/or your clients grow. For example, a white label dashboard lets you manage you or your client's online reputation. Reviews, listings, and comments can be monitored and managed for a more reputable online presence, resulting in a higher perception of the specific business and increased sales and services. 


Take Care of Yourself 


You may become so stressed out over taking care of children and a business that you become overwhelmed and unproductive. This is especially true if you are a single mom. Take the time to pamper and reward yourself for all of the hard work you do. Get your nails done, go to a day spa, or just get away to a beach for a few hours. If your body is feeling the stress, check out Cove Migraine and take a much deserved nap to help melt away the pain. Realize you do need breaks from time to time, and use these moments to get your mind and body grounded so you can be better prepared to take on both your business and personal responsibilities. 


Being an attentive parent and a productive business owner may feel like an impossible dual role, but if you pace yourself, rely on your stronger employees, take care of your physical and mental health. and use the tools that are available, you will become a stronger, more effective leader and business owner.