Mobile App Testing Companies Taking the Tech World by Storm


The era of technology and communication revolves around mobile applications more than anything else. These mobile applications are so rampant that the competition that results is fierce too. Consumers have a shrinking attention span, when one mobile application does not work according to their needs and pace, they are open to switching to a new one promptly. So the need for sophisticated, easy to use and on-point mobile applications are the need of today’s businesses.

The building of a mobile application is not just about the design, UI/UX, or even coding. Just as important is the testing of mobile applications for bugs, glitches or any sort of malfunctioning. In times of data sciences overpowering almost everything, the need for a secure and smooth mobile application has increased manifold. To handle all of this, not every company has the resources and required expertise. Mobile application testing companies in the market specialize in this area. Most of the time, the software companies outsource mobile application testing companies working independently in the testing domain alone for projects. The mobile application testing companies maintain teams of experts to provide testing services. 

The mobile application testing companies have a competitive niche. Among the top mobile application testing companies across the globe are: 

  1. Mindful QA 



Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and established in 2018 Mindful QA houses some 50-200 employees. The core services they provide include iOS and Android Mobile App Testing, Automated Testing. Manual Testing, API testing, Website Testing, Performance Testing, Website Testing, QA Process Optimization, and Agile Consulting.

Mindful QA is considered best for digital agencies, start-ups, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all sizes. One of the benefits of working with this mobile app testing company is the flexible process that allows you to connect with testers who can be a part of Jira, Slack and standup meetings as and when required.


  1. QA Mentor 


QA Mentor was established in 2010 and is an independent CMMI appraised, ISO Certified mobile application testing company. It specializes in crowdsourcing testing, Blockchain testing, IoT Testing, Machine Learning and AI Testing, QA Audit, QA Training, Agile and DevOps Consulting, and QA Transformation.

It stands out in the community of testing companies with its unique product proposition from a crowdsourcing platform using a pool of crowdsourced testers, economical services, and constant training and QA education for the team of testers.  


  1. Indium Software 


Indium Software is one of the top-rated mobile application testing companies located in Cupertino, CA established in 1999. Housing over 1100 employees, the company specializes in mobile functioning testing, mobile security testing, mobile accessibility testing, mobile UI and UX testing, iOS app testing, mobile localization testing, Android app testing, and website app testing.


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It is best for SMEs, Fortune 100 companies, and global enterprises looking for excellent services at optimal cost.


  1. ThinkSys 


ThinkSys is based in Sunnyvale, California, and specializes in Application Testing, Penetration and Security Testing, Performance testing, and Localization Testing. It was established in 2012 and has 50-200 employees.


  1. TestingXperts


TestingXperts is one of the oldest mobile application testing companies established in 1996. Based in Pennsylvania and maintaining around 1000-5000 employees, the company has its forte in Connectivity Testing, Broken links testing, Upgrade testing, installation testing, 

connectivity testing, battery drain testing, and memory testing. 


  1. BugEspy 


BugEspy is a mobile application testing company based in Lahore, Pakistan. It was established in 2018 and specializes in mobile app automation testing, mobile app UI/UX testing, mobile app regression testing, mobile app penetration testing, mobile app functional testing, and mobile app automation testing. 


These are a few top-rated mobile application testing companies that are revolutionizing the testing world.