Mobile Car Detailing Equipment & Accessories


Are you planning to start your own detailing business? This is a challenging endeavor, particularly if you are not sure what resources are required. Finding the right information and partnering up with a reliable provider are crucial. This guide covers the essentials of launching a mobile car wash.

This is a growing service area. Mobile detailing allows customers to have their cars cleaned conveniently and efficiently at a time and place they prefer. Demand is on the rise, and a dependable business with top mobile car wash equipment has high chances of success. Here are seven key components.

1.   The Van

This is the best choice for a startup. First, you will be able to bring the best equipment and tools to each customer. Secondly, all the machines, chemicals, and accessories for meticulous cleaning are always on hand, easy to organize, house and access. Finally, the van will convey commitment and authenticity.

Providers of first-class equipment can help you with the wrapping and branding of your vehicle. You can save up to 30% if you choose a second-hand van. Some suitable models are Mercedes-Benz Metris, Dodge RAM Promaster City, and Ford Transit.

2.   Shelves and Bins

These may be suspended or wall-mounted. You need a towel drying area and a refuse zone. Second-hand vans may be retrofitted with the necessary fixtures.

3.   Steam Cleaner and Vacuum

This is the centerpiece of your mobile station. The most powerful models, such as Fortador Pro Plus, are versatile, so you can offer different levels of service. Choose a system that will support business growth. A cleaner suitable for the interior, exterior and engine bay will help you maximize revenue. It will clean and sanitize all the surfaces in one go.

4.   Sliding Bed

This piece of equipment must ensure smooth and safe loading and unloading. It must fit inside the van perfectly and hold up to 800 pounds to transport the equipment. A good sliding bed makes damage less likely, so you will have less downtime.

5.   Powerbank or Silent Generator

A good energy source is silent, works from AGM batteries, does not require maintenance, and allows recharging from a 240V or 120V outlet at night. Lightweight models of generators are preferable, such as The Honda EU2200i.

6.   Water Tank

You need a water tank for at least 26 gallons. It is enough for 8 hours of work. Full steam detailing requires up to 3 gallons per vehicle.

7.   Set of Chemicals

You may choose any brand. The set must include a degreaser, tire shine, carpet and plastic cleaners, glass cleaner, deep paint IPA cleaner, polymer additive, wax, a window coating, and Active OXI foam.

Consider Ceramics

Ceramic coating is a booming market. The products create a firm layer between the paint and the exterior, protecting it from UV rays, dirt, bird droppings, and road chemicals. Top products are used for both the exterior and exterior. Ceramic coatings can give your mobile business a competitive advantage.