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Mock test for JEE main: How they are crucial for your preparation

Mock test for JEE main

India is one of the highest producers of engineers in the world. Every year it adds approximately 1.5 million engineers to the workforce. This may give many aspiring engineers that perhaps becoming an engineer is not very difficult. Although there are hundreds of colleges in the country which accepts students for an engineering degree, only a handful of them are highly reputed and provides the necessary skills and expertise required to be employed in a reputable country. Therefore, before you take admission in just about any engineering college, you must do the necessary research into the background of the colleges. Alternatively, you can just take the Joint Entrance Examinations, as through this common competitive examination you will be able to get admitted into the top engineering colleges in India.

Mock test for JEE main
Mock test for JEE main

Needless to say, cracking the JEE and securing a seat in the top engineering colleges of India is not an easy task. Each year close to 1 million students appeared for JEE, hoping to be one of the chosen ones to be selected to study at the prestigious IITs and so on. If you intend to clear this exam and become a successful engineer, then intense preparation is required. For JEE preparation one not only needs to be extremely hardworking but also will have to study smartly.

Need for Being Smart When Planning

When preparing for JEE one needs to understand what are the types of questions that are asked. There is a misconception that studying for hours upon hours will help you crack the exam, but in reality, it is not necessarily the sheer amount of knowledge that you have, rather, it is how well you answer the questions, quickly and accurately. Knowing the questions, patterns, sections, etc. can go a long way to enhancing your preparation. The margin between success and failure is so minuscule in these competitive exams that these seemingly small things tend to make a world of difference. Therefore, you need to know all these and more if you are to score good marks and get into a top engineering college in India.

Advantages of Solving Mock Tests Seriously

One thing that is common among most of the successful JEE candidates is that a majority of them usually report saying that they have solved numerous mock tests and previous years’ question papers. This helps them greatly in preparing for the exams and often gives them the much-needed edge in the cutthroat environment of the exams. Let us delve deeper into why solving the mock tests is a critical aspect of exam preparation and what are the advantages that it provides to the aspiring candidates.

  1. Exam Pattern and Experience – Solving a few mock tests are crucial to get you familiarised with the exam pattern. There are different sections in the Joint Entrance Examination, and each section has a certain time limit within which the candidate has to finish answering the questions. Once the time is over, the answers automatically get saved. If you have not appeared for too many computer-based, then it is imperative that you appear for a few online mock tests. Even if you have appeared for other computer-based exams, it is recommended that you try a few mock tests, because different exams have different formats and user-interface. Knowing something as small as where the next question button is, and where to look for the overall question attempts section can help a candidate not only in his performance but also prevents nervous jitters during the initial few minutes, as they are in a familiar environment.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses - When you are planning your study for a competitive examination like JEE, you need to iron out any possible weakness that you may have. In order to do so, you need a clear idea as to what are the areas that you are good at and which areas need further work. Attempting mock tests helps you to analyze your performance and identify these things. Therefore, once you have submitted your tests and the results are out, you need to analyse your performance very minutely. You need to look at the questions that you have answered incorrectly and mark them into your weak sections. So that you can spend more time on those chapters as opposed to practicing questions that you have got them right. This will mean that you are utilising the time on those areas which can actually improve your scores, instead of just studying those things which you are already good at.
  3. Analysis: This is similar to the previous point mentioned. If you are solving mock tests which apart from giving you the score and the correct answers also provides you other vital details like, time spent in each question, ranking, total students appeared, average scores (total as well as sectional) it gives the candidate a massive scope for improvement. This will allow the candidate to understand his or her weaknesses even better. Students when going through the exam analysis can find out the questions on which he or she has spent more time than the others. This is an indication that apart from those questions which have been answered wrongly, these questions too can be improved upon. With more practice, there is a scope that the candidate will be able to answer the questions quickly. The analysis will also enable the student to understand where exactly he or she stands when compared to the competition. When checking the rankings, you should not only look for overall ranking but also check the sectional ranking. Hence, when selecting the mock tests for JEE Main 2019, select only those tests that offer in-depth analysis.
  4. Time Management and Common Questions – Solving plenty of mock tests also gives the candidate a better chance of planning how he or she will manage his or her time. This means that at the beginning of the exam, the candidate will have a clear strategy as to which section he or she will attempt first and so on. Moreover, if you appear for numerous mock tests and these mock tests are designed by experts based on the previous years’ question papers and trends then there is a good possibility that you would find some questions in the actual examination that you have solved previously in the mock tests. Other than you would also know the types of questions that are usually asked in the tests and you will prepare accordingly.

It is clear that attempting mock tests is a key element in the JEE preparations, hence, solve plenty of quality mock tests and secure a place for yourself in one of the top engineering colleges in India.

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