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Modern Classics: Best Cars To Invest In Right Now

If you’re thinking of buying a modern classic, we’d say these are the best cars to invest in right now. After all, with pure petrol and diesel power due to be outlawed in new cars in 2030, why not treat yourself to a big V8 and make some money, too?

To maximise your potential profit, scour the used cars options out there and check an online valuation tool to make sure you’re paying a fair price. It’s also worth checking the DVLA as tax will be rather expensive if the car was registered after March 2001. 

Jaguar XKR (X150)

Look back at classic Jaguars such as the E-Type, and it’s easy to see why the XKR is likely to go up in value. Like its predecessor, there’s an elegant coupe or convertible body, a luxurious interior, and plenty of performance, too. Early cars come with 420hp while facelifted post 2009 cars gain a bigger V8 with a thumping 503hp. Not only is it fast, but it’s also comfy on a long journey and doesn’t corner badly for a GT car, either.

BMW M3 (E92)

If you want something for cornering rather than cruising, the BMW M3 is a better bet. The E92 generation is the only one to come with a V8 and it’s a cracker, with over 400hp and a screaming 8300rpm redline. The Coupe pictured is the one that’s best for bends, but there’s also a convertible for posers and a saloon for those that value practicality.

Vauxhall Monaro

Despite the familiar badge, the Monaro was designed and built by Holden of Australia. Under the bonnet, you’ll find a huge V8, while the rare VXR500 adds a supercharger to the mix. Best described as a bit of a yob, its tyre shredding antics may not be big or clever, but they’re certainly entertaining.

Audi RS 5

This is your archetypical fast Audi albeit with a slug of extra style. While the 4.2-litre V8 screaming away up front will excite, the handling is secure rather than scintillating and the ride is rather firm. Still, whilst most cars on this list will give you white knuckles as soon as the roads get slippery, the RS5 is fast whatever the weather thanks to Quattro four-wheel drive.

Maserati 4200

If you need some Italian style in your life, the 4200 sure is tempting. Based on the 3200, it gained a Ferrari developed V8 that provided plentiful performance and a rousing soundtrack. Like the XKR it’s not the sharpest thing in the world, but still handles well and won’t shke your fillings out, either. They’re more reliable than you might expect, but it still pays to find one that’s been well looked after and to spend as much as you can afford on the right car.

Mercedes-Benz CL (C216)

Despite being a two-door coupe, the CL is a large and luxurious thing to waft around in; after all, it was based on the Mercedes S-Class. The (relatively) sensible choice is the V8-powered 500 that blends more than adequate pace with running costs that aren’t too eye-watering. If you want more pace and a bit more cornering ability there’s the AMG tweaked CL63 while V12 options were available for those with bottomless bank accounts. 

Porsche 928

Although it never replaced the 911 as Porsche intended, the 928 is still a fantastic car. Bigger and softer than its rear-engined sibling, it combines a big V8 with distinctive styling inside and out. Most were automatics, which tells you everything you need to know about how the 928 drives. 

Lexus SC430

The SC430 is by no means the best-looking car here, but the smooth and powerful engine is exceptionally reliable while the folding metal roof lets you enjoy the sun when the opportunity arises. It didn’t receive particularly good reviews when it was launched, but post 2004 cars were greatly improved and are the ones to hunt down.

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