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Modern Technologies Soaring Across the Digital World

Technology is booming with leaps and bounds showing remarkable changes in the mobile world wherein, the play store and app store are deluged with enormous apps every single day. Apps, now have reshaped the lives of masses interfering in their daily routine, now, you don’t call a cab but book one hassle-free from Uber, you don’t do text messaging but go for an instant chat on Whatsapp, you don’t prefer to use a handy cam as moments are captured on Snapchat and Instagram simultaneously shared and cherished then after.

Mobile Apps are the trend of today that consumes a person’s largest chunk of time giving him an edge over almost every manual work to be done. The world has revolutionized changing peoples’ living styles so does the development trends in the Mobile App Companies. Its the usage that drives new inventions and exciting ideas to meet the ever growing demand of the e-devices and their built-in apps.

Here are few technological advancements to keep an eye on that have broken the industry norms and will continue to do so with their clever techniques and ideas.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI has a lot to offer the audience with its advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces, problem-solving efficacies along with the machine learning algorithms that possess the ability to make the unreal real and the impossible possible. Artificial Intelligence is simply “Whatever hasn’t been done yet” and Microsoft’s Cortana is heavily working on its AI-based service to bring the maximum out of it. Google Duplex is no behind in the race of development that has made people become tech enthusiasts where we can definitely analyze the power of the computer and its intelligence.

The art of intelligence crunched with big data anlytics like technology to achieve valuable insights from the massive data set is also influencing business apps all over the world. Frameworks like Hadoop and Spark analyze massive data set to feed best input data sets for AI models. Simplilearn’s Hadoop Training will help you to achieve this technology in-depth so that you can uncover the magic hidden inside the data. This trending technology has already emerged as a powerful resource for driving the growth of healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance, sports, and many other industries. In the future, maybe humans will be able to achieve more accurate results in their respected fields which is very challenging today.

Internet of things (IoT):

A game-changing technique that is gaining popularity every single day making us believe that this niche is destined to grow at an expeditious pace. IoT is a service connected to the cloud, enabling apps and devices to perform remote operations, automation, and monitoring in meaningful ways without human interaction. Seems to be surprising but certainly its true and the implementations can be witnessed using mobile apps developed with the same purpose. The growth of IoT is rising exponentially high and will continue the same in 2019 and years beyond.


The popularity gained by bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies has a deep association with blockchain and its ledger. The software technology functions in form of blocks where it stores the recorded transactions and is authenticated using the theory of cryptography. The dealings are highly encrypted iterating the old working norms thereby connecting the digital world with the digital currency. The whole concept is unbeatable and with its incorruptible infrastructure, blockchain is amongst those most popular technologies that are now extensively being used for a security base in app development.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

AR and  VR is an interactive experience of the real-world environment, where the real world object is augmented with the computer’s perception. Such an environment can be seen as an analogy to the real world or can be imaginary, creating an experience that is somewhat not possible in real life. Such computer technology, unlike past user interfaces, creates a simulated environment by placing a user inside an experience. Pokemon Go, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift are few of its outstanding launches. AR and VR are still to be implemented in multiple untested niches and the aforementioned examples evident their oncoming trend in the future.

Cloud Apps:

Cloud Apps relates to the cloud technology that is skilled enough to maintain its buzzword status for years. Without any trace of doubt, the cloud is capable of enhancing an app’s storage and computing potential reducing the impact on a device’s internal memory. Cloud-powered apps are scalable, productive reliable, speedy and secure, thus, leaving the chances of the data breach to be negligible. With a list, full of merits, the technology proves to be unique and compelling with prolonged sustainability.

Wearable and Instant Apps:

The concept of Instant apps comes from Google that can be assessed then and there without any installations and download. Imagine the use of an app without its direct insertion into your mobile phone. Android users are going gaga over it with its incredible features of shareability, occupying less storage space, discrete performance and accessibility all over its Android versions. The rare phenomenon seems to be radical and wide-ranging.

Wearable apps, unlike the instant apps, are physically installed over cell phones and till date, they have had a good hold in the Healthcare industry. Such mobile applications fall under that bracket of technology where the e-gadgets can be worn up by individuals alerting them with the accurate tracking information related to their health and fitness. There is a huge range and a variety of such devices namely smartphones, wristbands, smart sneakers etc to regularly update the user with the lbs lost, calories gained, heart beat rate, blood pressure stability and many more records giving semantic results.

The tech industry is proceeding with an express speed. Thousands of startups are launched daily keeping an intention to root up with the above-mentioned techniques and trends that can be proved viable to make some unbelievable changes in different spheres of the world. The scope of Mobile App Development is skyrocketing where even the tech giants are leaving no stone unturned in keeping up with the tech furtherances.

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