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Modified Yoga Gives Relief for Depression and Anxiety

There is no doubt in the fact that every time one comes out of a Yoga session, he/she feels extremely pumped up and energized. All around the globe, the rate at which people are embracing the beauty of Yoga shows the tremendous popularity of this ancient science and its contribution to a happy and jocular society. On each and every step of life, Yoga has helped humans come out of various severe situations, whether it’s mental, social or psychological. Talking about this 21st-century, one of the biggest challenges faced by people is managing stress. Although mental pressure and nervousness are not new to this world, mental issues have never been this much dominating as they have ever been.

According to numerous studies and experiences that people from all around the globe share, Yoga has been extremely influential in countering distresses and mental pains. Graduates of Yoga teacher training in Nepal, Bali, Kerala, Thailand and other places describe this spiritual practice as the best way to bring harmony to life. Let’s understand how yogic practices work with the mind and body to help one come out of the scarcest of circumstances.

Yoga invokes blood circulation

Circulation of blood is the most important process in the body when it comes to smooth metabolic functions. It is the circulatory system that helps nutritive elements reach each and every cell to let the body feel enlivened. One of the major reasons why the brain and other parts of the body do not respond accurately sometimes is the poor standard of blood flow throughout the body. Many a times, not performing any physical task can also be the cause of mental depression. Yoga gives you an ideal reason to engage in some creative activity. Yoga poses in themselves are an interesting bunch of art games that take you out of the zone of stress.

Learn to love and be bold with Yoga

Mental depression dominates one when he/she is in love with nothing and no one. Stress becomes a controlling force when everything seems to be negative around you. This psychology has to depart from the brain in order to make this world an enjoyable place to live in. Yoga teaches you to love everything in the vicinity. Meditation makes you positive and Yoga asanas help you come boldly. You begin to love whatever you see in the surrounding and there will be no scope of sorrow in life. Love also avoids discouragement, which is the most popular reason for getting depressed. With Yoga, learn to fight and not run away from troubles.

Modified Yoga practices for finding solace in depression

Although almost all Yoga asanas contain health goodness in some way or other, here are some of the most effective modified Yoga exercises that offer an instant boost up.

● Shavasana to Balasana: Begin in flat-lying pose of Shavasana to Balasana for pacifying the mind to an extreme level. Child’s Pose is a great exercise for mental calmness, since it is all about staying in contact with the ground and feeling relaxed. Every time you depression attacks you, this amazing pose will be your friend.

● Uttanasana: Uttanasana is about bending forward to bring your nose near the knees while keeping the legs straight. You can modify this practice by trying to balance the body on one foot. This exercise is extremely beneficial in boosting blood circulation in the mind to make it more efficient in countering stress-causing agents.

● Pranayama: Breathing is the most amazing soul-enlivening process in the body. Pranayama warms the blood and cleanses the body by eliminating toxins. Deep and regular breathing produces pranic energy that is a lethal anxiety-killer. Enhance the normal Pranayama with a couple of mantras.

● Matsyasana: One of the best stretching practices, Fish Pose helps the body and mind plunge into the ocean of scintillating energy. It opens up the chest and strengthens the abdominal muscles, in addition to providing rest to the mind. Enjoy this sleeping practice to feel this world with zeal.

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