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Modifying Your Car Goes Beyond Just The Body

When you decide to make changes to the exterior of your car, many think that means a fresh new paint job and bob’s your uncle, the jobs done.

But there are so many ways you can modify your car. I will be going over those 4 little wonders that keep the car moving.

Those are the wheels. 

Updating the look of your wheels can make a huge difference to the style of your car. Wheels compliment your car in more ways than you realise, so why not get them modified and unique to suit your personality.

Wheel Colour Change

Deciding to change the colour of your wheels can be a sure fire way to making your vehicle look sleeker. Or even pop and stand out with vibrancy. 

Changing the colour of car wheels is a growing trend, one that is soaring. Have you ever found yourself admiring the sleek black wheels of the car next to you? Well, those wheels were professionally painted. 

You are not limited to basic colours, being able to choose from many. With plenty of options, deciding on the colour is entirely up to you. 

So how is it done? 

Usually done with special spray paint, the wheels will be assessed for shape and design. Looking at the colour of the car too to see if the chosen colour will suit the body. Also, your car will be assessed for any additional modifications to make sure the wheels will accompany. 

They will then be spray painted and finished with a matte or a gloss finish. Ensuring they keep their colour for a long time and rarely need maintenance. 

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Another option to enhance the look of your wheels could be to choose to get a diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment. Becoming increasingly popular. High spec cars are now being manufactured with diamond cut alloy wheels already installed. 

The process involves machining away a thin layer of the wheel and sometimes all of the painted surfaces on the wheel to leave it looking shiny. Once this is done it will be secured with a lacquering process which will prevent the wheel corrosion. 

Powder Coating

Now not to be mistaken with alloy wheel colour changes which are done with spray paint. One option you can choose to have especially when it comes to changing the look of your wheels. Is to get a powder coated finish put on them. 

The process of getting your wheels powder coated may look the same as spray paint, however, the way the powder settles on the wheels is completely different. Powder coated colour settles dry on the surface rather than wet. The coating will then be heat treated and essentially baked onto the surface of the wheel. 

Powder coating has generally been considered to be much more durable and long-lasting than other forms of spray paint. This is all dependent on, though, how well the wheel was prepped before. This could be making sure the wheel has been washed and dried so the coating sticks. Also making sure the wheel has been correctly heat-treated. 

Like all wheel modifications, powder coating will still need a protective lacquer added to ensure it withstands more wear and tear, UV damage, pollution and weather conditions.

Custom Wheel Designs

Choosing to change the look of your wheels might be more than just decided to add a lick of paint and a fresh coat of lacquer. A popular option is to get a completely custom and unique set of alloy wheels in Canada

You can choose exactly how you want the rims of the wheels to look. Choosing unique shapes to be cut into them or unusual patterns. Once you have your perfect rims, you can then decide to change the colour and polish on them. 

It is also important to protect the rims of your cars with protectors. 

These come in a form of plastic or rubber that will go around the edge of the rim. Some protectors will lightly cover the edges and others will protrude taking in the damage from an impact.  They also come in many different colours. Black will give the illusion of the tyre while silver will give the illusion of the wheel. Also, a popular option is having a pop of colour going around the rim to give the car a unique look.

To Summarise

So as you can see there are several options to consider when it comes to updating the look of your wheels. Depending on your unique style and personality there will be a way to change the wheels on your car, to not only compliment the look of your car. But to also compliment who you are and what you want to represent. 

From cool and sleek to the crazy and fun. Cars can be completely customisable. 

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