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Modular Italian Kitchen: How to Design in Affordable Budget?

Want to give a modern makeover to your kitchen? The modular kitchens are the best way to renovate your cooking space affordably without compromising on its aesthetics.


Modern kitchen design is compact and can be personalized to match the kitchen decor. However, if you’re confused about redesigning your old kitchen into a modular one, here are some easy, budget-friendly tips for you:


A Moody, Modern Kitchen Design By Maker + May | Habitus Living


1. Keep ‘kitchen work triangle in mind 

With the help of the kitchen work triangle, you can plan an efficient workspace while clearing the traffic in your kitchen. This plan consists of the sink, cooktop and refrigerator being aligned in a triangular position to each other. They are easy for cooking, storing food, and cleaning without overcrowding the given space.


Make sure to draw a rough sketch of your available kitchen space before you decide the kitchen layout. After that, try to keep a distance of around 4 to 9-feet between the legs of this triangle.


2. Plan kitchen layout

You must feel committed to designing a layout for the modular kitchen of your house. Modern Italian kitchens in London are not only about cooking and washing dishes. These spaces are the hub of an entire home that has become multipurpose than ever before. So, it’s best to think before planning the layout of these spaces as per your activities that usually take place in the kitchen, such as food preparation, dining, tea time, conversations, etc.


3. Ideal countertop height

For countertops, you need to maintain a standard height that’s somewhere between 32 to 33 inches. You even need to make sure that the kitchen cabinets are at an appropriate height – neither too low nor too high – from the countertop. Otherwise, it will impact your routine work.


Remember: These standards are often set as per the average height of your family members. So, you may ask your designer to adjust the worktop height according to your preferences.


4. Pick the right color scheme

The color scheme of your kitchen will last for a long time. So, take your sweet time to decide that. Before making the decision, you must know that darker shades are likely to trap heat and it could be problematic in summer months.


You may try to mix-match the various shades and distinct color combinations. Designs mostly prefer a fixed set of color combinations for making your decision easier. You must also ensure that the color of the kitchen interior goes well with the rest of your house.


5. Ventilation is important

Since so much heat is generated during cooking in a kitchen, you need to have proper ventilation. While chimney and the exhaust fans are great to vent out excessive fumes and prevent the outside heat from entering your kitchen, having a door that directly opens to a washing area or balcony is also useful. It will assure you better air circulation even when one is not cooking and prevent the smoke from getting accumulated within your house.


6. Aesthetic and functional lighting 

While proper brightness and warmth of daylight entering your kitchen are visually-appealing, you must consider installing other lighting fixtures in your kitchen to enhance the interior and making the area bright and well-lit in the evening and at night.


You can install overhead pendant lamps in your kitchen or concealed ceiling lights falling directly on the countertop where significant activities occur. Currently, people are adding cabinet lights into the kitchen to put direct brightness on the worktop that looks amazing at night.


7. Pay attention to safety

You must ensure safety in your kitchen when working. It’s essential to pay attention to your gas piping regularly while taking all critical steps to prohibit any gas leakage.


Also, make sure that the flooring is slip-resistant yet more comfortable to clean. Besides, the appliances must be placed near a switchboard installed at a fair distance from the cooking stove or washbasin/sink.


8. Don’t forget about corners and kitchen trash

While making storage shelves and kitchen cabinets, you may forget about the corners thinking that they are useless. But you can install blind corner cabinets into your modular kitchen design to utilize the entire space in a better way.


Depending on your preference, you may either choose to keep trash outside the kitchen in a garbage container or get built-in bins constructed underneath the sink or behind the cabinet door. The built-in bins are available in two containers for storing wet and dry waste separately.




Keeping the tips mentioned above in mind, you can easily cover various aspects of the modular kitchen. It would help if you customized each corner for meeting your requirements to create a unique yet modern kitchen space for your exclusive home. It’s best to consult a professional interior designer to help you create a sophisticated modular kitchen redesign.


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