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Dubai is all about beauty, luxury, class, and enthusiasm. The place is magnificently attractive and classy. If you want to visit Dubai, get ready to mesmerize yourself with the enchanting beauty of its lavish skyline, rip-roaring waters, and dazzling desserts. The city warmly welcomes its visitors and offers them a splendid and well-spent time. Roam and wander in the streets of Dubai to explore the secrets of history and modernism or get the services of yacht rental in Dubai and get lost in the thrill and excitement of the deep sea.

Spend a marvelous night under a starry sky in Desert safari Dubai or have an awesome time while waiting for the fish by indulging in fishing activity. No matter what activity you pick, Dubai is always ready to surprise you with its astonishing views, amazing things to do, and attractive places that will take you to another level of thrill, excitement, charm, and amusement.


From the wonders of Burj Al Khalifa to the excitement of Ferrari World, Dubai is a home for spectacular attractions. Here is a list of places that will surely add value to your trip.

1.      Burj Khalifa – Architectural Marvel

"An architectural manifestation in Dubai!"

Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper not only in Dubai but in the whole World. With a hypnotic height of 828 meters, the iconic building of this grand Burj has become the symbol of the city. The marvelous sightseeing views from the 124th and 125th floor of this bur are just worth amazing. Daily, thousands of flocks come here to see the astonishing and gripping marvelous architecture. With almost 148 floors, the Burj contains amazing, unique, and thriller activities on each floor.

The 125th floor takes you to another world with an extraordinary panorama over the whole city!

The best time to visit this astonishing place is in the evening, so you can have an iconic view of lights from the highest observation deck in the World.


You can buy your ticket online to save yourself from the hustle of the waiting line. Online booking will allow you to choose your time slot. Also, the tickets are cheaper online than directly at the counter.


FOR THE TOP OF BURJ KHALIFA: Access to 124th and 125th floors in just AED 125 FOR ADULTS AND AED 95 FOR CHILDREN (PRIMETIME) OR

VIP TICKET FOR THE TOP SKY: Access to 148th floor with quick access to elevators in just AED 459 (PRIMETIME) OR AED 359 (NON-PRIME TIME)

 LOUNGE TICKET: Access to the lounge bar of the Burj Khalifa in AED 533 (IN PRIMETIME) and AED 378 (IN NON-PRIMETIME)

2.      Imposing structure of Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab is designed to a new level of modernism and the meaning of exceptional hospitality. Located 280 meters off the shores of Dubai, this auspicious building is located on a man-made island. You can visit this worth-seen building by traveling on a bridge road that is 340m long. This sail-shaped Burj is said to be the World's only 7-star hotel that is well maintained and contains quality signature restaurants and a full-service spa. You can visit the best restaurants here like

  • Scape
  • Junsui
  • Al Iwan
  • Al Mahara
  • Skyview Bar
  • Gold On 27
  • Sahn Edgar
  • Bab Al Yam
  • Al Muntaha

All these restaurants are rich with class and elegance. With a mesmerizing interior, they serve you with the world's best aromatic cuisines. The place is a splurge for a super special occasion and an iconic symbol of a splendid and lavish lifestyle.


Of course, staying in a luxury place with marvelous sea views is expensive.

ONE NIGHT STAY: Staying in a lavish suite in Burj Al Arab has an average price of $24000 a night.

3.      Walk-in enchanting Dubai Marina

An affluent residential neighborhood is well known for the Beach at JBR!

The place is exciting and has a leisure complex with marvelous dining spots and sandy stretches to relax on. There is much more to do in the surroundings of Dubai Marina, including a relaxing walk. The place offers you a paved walkway with 305 outlets and almost 69 restaurants to keep you entertained.

Dubai Marina is so glorious that it provides you a beautiful place to walk and a picturesque place of skyscrapers and a mesmerizing view of clear waters. You can have an excellent time at this place by indulging in hypnotic activities, including

  • RIB Speedboat Sightseeing Tour
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina
  • The Walk and The Beach at JBR
  • Zero Gravity Beach Club
  • Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

The visit to Dubai Marina will surely add value to your trip and you will get a handful of memories from this place.


DUBAI Marina yacht Tour: STARTING FROM $283.08

Speedboat Tour: STARTING FROM $32.87

Dubai Sightseeing Boat Tour: STARTING FROM $62.00

Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise: STARTING FROM $65.00

Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner: STARTING FROM $60.83

Dubai Parasailing Tour with Private Transfer: STARTING FROM $283.08

4.      Want to see a beauty that beholds? A big yes to MALL OF THE EMIRATES

Get all in one at this auspicious MALL!

Enjoy the widest range of shopping, dining, indoor skiing, and cinema under a roof at this grand and hypnotic place, Mall of the Emirates. Lavishly designed and marvelously maintained, this mall is the home to more than 80 outclass brands. Having flagship stores, the Mall of Emirates is also direct access to 2 top 5-star hotels. You can roam its iconic floors, have some shopping, enjoy quality food, or indulge in indoor activities. This grand mall offers you some best activities like

  • Try ice cream at the marvelous Magnum Store
  • A unique cinema experience
  • Battle it out at Astro Blasters
  • Meetup with Penguins
  • Explore iconic brands
  • Have a jaw-dropping lunch at More café
  • Don’t miss the adventures of Dreamscape

The best time to visit this mall is in the evening from 5 pm to 10 pm. These times are best as the cafes are all buzzing with people and stores are flocked with fellas.

5.      Gold Everywhere! Come in Deira Souks

You have seen the branded malls that are full of luxury, but the souks of Dubai are not less than anyone in grace and charms. If you want to do traditional shopping at affordable prices, the Deira souks in Dubai are a good go. Step back from the glitz and glamour and go where it all begins.

The souks are full of gold as it is Dubai’s famous market where you can get trendy ornaments, traditional jewelry, and marvelous and real stones.

Here you will find rows upon rows of stunning and excellent jewelry. The lavish jewelry is crafted in a variety of karats and is considered the best memento to take from Dubai.

But prepare yourself for the best price- the shopkeepers expect you to!

6.      Hop on a camel at Desert Safari

Not only because of populated roads and grand buildings, but Dubai is also famous for its dazzling red dunes of Deserts. Among all, Desert Safari is one of the most exciting desserts that allow you to enjoy a peaceful time in red dunes at its peak. The desert is lavish and exciting because of daylight that truly shows you the beauty of sandy stretches, sand waves, and their glowing looks.

The evening experience is worth it. The sizzling sunset view, cool breeze, starry sky with traditional music and performances, and yummiest BBQ dinner will take you to the heights of fun and enjoyment.

The desert allows you to indulge in thriller activities like:

  • Riding a quad bike
  • Stargazing
  • Hopping on a camel
  • Spot wildlife
  • Sand surfing

Visiting Desert Safari will allow you to get rid of the crowds and enjoy a peaceful experience. The sun rising and the sun setting views among wildflowers will give you a mesmerizing experience and amazing clicks that will remind you about these sizzling spots.


There are different packages at different prices.

Evening Desert Safari deals: RANGES FROM AED 130.00 TO AED 1000.00

Overnight Desert Safari Deals: RANGES FROM AED 250.00 TO 280.00

Bike rides: FROM AED 200.00 TO 350.00

7.      Stay Like a king- The Atlantis Palm Hotel

"A lavish and stunning destination in itself"

The Atlantis Palm Hotel is one of the best and most lavish hotels in Dubai. The place around this grand and splendid building is amazingly great with the city’s largest aquarium, a marvelous water park, and 2 astonishing beaches.  A stay in such an amazing place will increase the joy and thrill of your trip and you will be a witness to such breathtaking stunning views. The award-winning restaurants are ready to serve you with quality and classy cuisines. The place is hell stunner in itself and provides a most gripping experience of stay like a king.


An estimated cost for a night stay at this enchanting place for






Dubai is awarded as a DIAMOND in the Arab’s crown. The splendid skyline, appealing coastline, blue waters, dazzling red duns, and rushy roads make this place the best of all. Your tour will be awesome and full of joy and excitement only if you touch some highlighted attractions of this place. Dubai is even much more than these places. Each corner of this astonishing city is worth exploring and Dubai can't give back any stone unturned.

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