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Most Beautiful Mountains of the World

Beautiful Mountains of the world

“Nature is one of the most underutilized treasures in life. It has the power to unburden hearts and reconnect to that inner place of peace.” -Janice Anderson

Mountains are one of the most beautiful wonders of the nature which has been exciting us for lifetime. The amazing landscape and the wide variety of flora and fauna make each and every mountain unique. From different shapes and huge number of hours that take to climb these mountains, every peak has a story of its own. Let us go through some of the Most Beautiful Mountains of the Worlds.

1) Table Mountain- South Africa

Clear from its name, the table mountains has a unique flat structure at the top, located at a height of 1,085 overlooking the beautiful city of cape town these peaks hold the wide variety of distinct wild life in Africa. Some of the most endemic species in Africa have found their home in these mountains.

Infact another interesting fact about the table mountains say that these are one of the oldest peaks in the world going back in time to 16th century, i.e around 200 million years back. While once there was a time these peaks were difficult to be scaled with the advancement of technologies, now a cable car is capable of carrying approximately 800 people to the peak within an hour. But yes if you are looking out for an adventure try hiking the peaks.

2) Mount Fuji – Japan

While Japan is blessed with a lot of beauties of nature, Mount Fuji one of its best. The largest peak of Japan standing at a whooping height of 3,775 meters Mount Fuji is a world wide attraction. It is amazing to watch when covered with a whole lot of snow, Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful it is also considered to be sacred by the people of Japan, attracting Buddhist, Shinto and people from other faith all year round.

Although the mountains are quite appealing, but is best advised to be viewed from far, it can also be viewed from some tall and sky crapping buildings in Tokyo. There are also few hikes attracting travelers from all over the globe.

3) Mount Cook – New Zealand

Also known as Aoraki by the native people Mount Cook name is given by the European settlers. Apart from being hugely famous for its beautiful Landscape New Zealand is also famous for its beautiful peaks. The height of these mountains is around 3,700 meters, with several Glacial lakes at its bottom and is consider one among the Most Beautiful Mountains of the World. These mountains are famous for hiking and biking and also if you have a good budget you can also take a helicopter tour of the peaks.

4) Kilimanjaro – Tanzania (Africa)

Tanzania has been in my bucket-list for the longest of time, Blessed with a great wild life and volcanic peak of kilimanjaro this place is a home to variety of unknown species to the world. Although it is famous for its volcanic eruption it is a dormant volcano and the last eruption took place around 360,000 years ago.

The best time to visit these peaks is around January to March and June to October to avoid rain and snow. It is indeed a trekkers paradise.

5) Mount Huangshan – China

Also known as the ” The loveliest mountain in China “, these mountains seems to be plucked directly from dreams. This is also known as the yellow mountain, the name given by Tung Dynasty, even today visitors are awe struck by its beauty.

So let us go around the globe and explore the Most Beautiful Mountains of the World, as its it truly said the most beautiful things in the world are free and wild.

Author Bio:

I am Bhawana, a traveler an enthusiastic writer and the owner of Blog One Travel Girl. Travelling and writing is more than a hobby for me, its more like an addiction and something I can never give up on. So lets keeps exploring the world is big and life is small, let us make each day count.

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