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Most Beautiful Mountains of the World

Beautiful Mountains of the world

“Nature is one of the most underutilized treasures in life. It has the power to unburden hearts and reconnect to that inner place of peace.” -Janice Anderson

Mountains are one of the most beautiful wonders of the nature which has been exciting us for lifetime. The amazing landscape and the wide variety of flora and fauna make each and every mountain unique. From different shapes and huge number of hours that take to climb these mountains, every peak has a story of its own. Let us go through some of the Most Beautiful Mountains of the Worlds.

Table Mountain- South Africa

Table Mountain- South Africa

Clear from its name, the table mountains has a unique flat structure at the top, located at a height of 1,085 overlooking the beautiful city of cape town these peaks hold the wide variety of distinct wild life in Africa. Some of the most endemic species in Africa have found their home in these mountains.

Infact another interesting fact about the table mountains say that these are one of the oldest peaks in the world going back in time to 16th century, i.e around 200 million years back. While once there was a time these peaks were difficult to be scaled with the advancement of technologies, now a cable car is capable of carrying approximately 800 people to the peak within an hour. But yes if you are looking out for an adventure try hiking the peaks.

Mount Fuji - Japan

Mount Fuji - Japan

While Japan is blessed with a lot of beauties of nature, Mount Fuji one of its best. The largest peak of Japan standing at a whooping height of 3,775 meters Mount Fuji is a world wide attraction. It is amazing to watch when covered with a whole lot of snow, Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful it is also considered to be sacred by the people of Japan, attracting Buddhist, Shinto and people from other faith all year round.

Although the mountains are quite appealing, but is best advised to be viewed from far, it can also be viewed from some tall and sky crapping buildings in Tokyo. There are also few hikes attracting travelers from all over the globe.

Mount Cook - New Zealand

Mount Cook New Zealand

Also known as Aoraki by the native people Mount Cook name is given by the European settlers. Apart from being hugely famous for its beautiful Landscape New Zealand is also famous for its beautiful peaks. The height of these mountains is around 3,700 meters, with several Glacial lakes at its bottom and is consider one among the Most Beautiful Mountains of the World. These mountains are famous for hiking and biking and also if you have a good budget you can also take a helicopter tour of the peaks.

Kilimanjaro - Tanzania (Africa)

Kilimanjaro - Tanzania (Africa)

Tanzania has been in my bucket-list for the longest of time, Blessed with a great wild life and volcanic peak of kilimanjaro this place is a home to variety of unknown species to the world. Although it is famous for its volcanic eruption it is a dormant volcano and the last eruption took place around 360,000 years ago.

The best time to visit these peaks is around January to March and June to October to avoid rain and snow. It is indeed a trekkers paradise.

Mount Huangshan - China

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Also known as the " The loveliest mountain in China ", these mountains seems to be plucked directly from dreams. This is also known as the yellow mountain, the name given by Tung Dynasty, even today visitors are awe struck by its beauty.

So let us go around the globe and explore the Most Beautiful Mountains of the World, as its it truly said the most beautiful things in the world are free and wild.

So let us go around the globe and explore the Most Beautiful Mountains of the World, as it’s truly said the most beautiful things in the world are free and wild.

Swiss Alps/The Matterhorn – Switzerland

The beautiful mountains of Dammastock including the snow-clad exalted peak of Matterhorn have continuously surprised and left trekkers spellbound by its extraordinary beauty. Matterhorn signifies the 10th tallest amongst the world's most beautiful mountains including a distinguishing characteristic of a well-defined pyramid appearance. It is one concerning the most active fold peaks of the globe and is highlighted on the world-famous Toblerone Chocolate because its logo represents that of the mountain range. The hills of the Alps are popular for snowboarding and skiing activities.

Swiss Alps/The Matterhorn – Switzerland

Mount Logan – Canada

Mount Logan stands the highest peak in Canada, the second-highest mountain in North America, plus has the broadest circumference concerning the base when it is related to the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world map. It signifies a portion of Kluane National Park and Reserve. Trekkers here can experience an adventurous activity being environed by iced rivers, dense forests, wild animals, picturesque landscapes, and numerous varieties of birds. Because of the tectonic movement in this region, Mount Logan is proceeding to rise in height even now.

Mount Logan 1

Mauna Kea – United States Of America

Mt Everest is acknowledged to signify the tallest peak in the globe, however, if you investigate the rise of Mauna Kea which is concealed beneath the Pacific Ocean, then it would signify the highest amid the most amazing mountains in the world. It comprises an 8-hour tour to this area with several stops within for acclimatization. The peak of this volcanic spectacle houses the world’s guiding astronomical watchtowers. During the nighttime, the cloudless skies offer an astounding stargazing experience.

Mauna Kea – United States Of America

Jotunheimen Mountains – Norway

This is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. One can observe these majestic Jotunheimen Mountains while on the Sognefjellet National Tourist Journey. The choicest way to behold the charm of this site is within a journey adjacent to Europe’s highest mountain pass. This region offers marvelous views when it comes to scenic beauty which is profoundly authentic of being filmed. Throughout the drive, you can observe the luxurious view including waterfalls with crystal clear water, snow-capped mountain peaks, and lush greenery.

Jotunheimen Mountains – Norway

Grand Teton – United States of America

Grand Teton signifies a well-known national park within the United States of America containing higher than 60 varieties of mammals. The breathtaking spectacle offered here bequeaths every tourist awe-struck. You are certain to fall in love with one of the prettiest mountains in the world as it is certain to leave an impact on the traveler in you. There are several fun-filled interesting activities offered within this area like hiking, camping, water sports, trekking, etc. The traditional cowboy lifestyle of this region must be felt by one and all.

Grand Teton – United States of America

Bogda Peak – China

Additionally recognized as the Bogda Mountain, this is an 18000 ft high magnificent grace. This peak is quite challenging to surmount because its grades are pretty steep which turns out to be a significant obstacle, but notwithstanding these barriers, several mountain climbers have fortunately climbed this range on various occasions. This peak is much nearer to civilization and remains challenging to climb, hence it gets more attraction from the tourists when related to the different mountain tops of the area.

 Bogda Peak – China

Aoraki/Mt. Cook – New Zealand

It is a portion of the famous Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park and endures magnificently ornamented with snow-capped peaks. Several mountain climbing supporters arrive here from all across the globe to scale the three snow-covered mountains of this range. Even trekkers and hikers come from every nook and corner to encounter the magnificent view presented on the hiking paths and to observe the largest glacier within the nation which is Tasman Glacier. It is unquestionably one of the most amazing mountains in the world.

Cerro Torre – Argentina/Chile

This is the most questionable mountain range within all the prettiest mountains in the world because there have been several disagreements among Argentina and Chile as to which country owns it. Also, complications have occurred when it comes to determining who was the initial mountaineer to ascend Cerro Torre. It is included between the most challenging mountains to escalate because it possesses a pretty steep surface. It signifies a rugged steep mountain rising 10,000 ft tall including a bulb-like snow cap near the top.

Huayna Picchu – Peru

This is one of the tiniest ranges in the globe, however, it is pretty well-known among the visitors and tourists due to the astonishing landscape provided by the range of Machu Picchu which can be considered as one concerning the most magnificent old archaeological places of the globe. Huayna Picchu signifies a treasured heritage place of UNESCO. Machu Picchu signifies one from the seven wonders of the globe and the marvelous sky landscape of this remarkable site can be perceived by climbing Huayna Picchu.

 Huayna Picchu – Peru

Kirkjufell – Iceland

Kirkjufell achieved its reputation and got registered under the well-known names of most beautiful mountain ranges in the world after being highlighted in the 6th and 7th season of HBO original series Game Of Thrones. This tiny mountain peak seems beautiful enveloped entirely in lush greenery throughout the summertime and with bright white frost and sleet throughout the winters. The well-known waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss, which is also the most sumptuous waterfall of Iceland, is likewise found within the backdrop concerning this splendid mountain.

Mount Everest – Nepal/Tibet

This is simply known as the highest mountain range covering the greatest height concerning 29029 ft over sea level. This giant mountain range in the globe offers astounding views and difficult climbing paths making it ideal for adventure enthusiasts. Several travelers have attempted to climb this rocky grand attraction but just some of them have been prosperous in doing so. Highlanders have continually faced several serious life-threatening situations here, although it can be still considered as the most tried mountain summit by almost all skilled and inexperienced mountaineers.

Vinicunca – Peru

Vinicunca is the most picturesque and one of the world's most beautiful mountains and is popularly recognized as the Rainbow Mountain. It possesses unique tint lines of various shades that have been formed because of the mineral sediments. This changing shape of the range is a consequence of the volcanic action. It is numbered amongst the holiest mountains of the globe. The hike route gives several possibilities to witness the wildlife, hot springs, and the parsimonious landscape of the sandstone cliff.

Rainbow Mountain

The Himalayas – India

Transposing into the home of ice, the Himalayas are considered across the world as one of the prettiest mountains in the world. Expanding for a range of approximately 2500 kilometers, the Himalayan Ranges certainly offer a spectacle to behold for an eternity. A must-include stop on the itineraries of the travel enthusiasts who would choose to encounter mountaineering within the Himalayas, these ranges are an embodiment of magnificence.

Denali Peak – Alaska

Formerly identified as Mount McKinley, Denali peak is supposed to be one concerning the best peaks in the globe and is additionally much popular for being the tallest mountain range in North America. Placed at the heart of the enormous Denali national park, the Denali peak rises tall at an elevation of approximately 20,310 feet which makes it one concerning the isolated peaks in the globe too. Serving as a grand getaway for your hidden adventurer, prepare to observe nature’s enchantment on your subsequent vacation to this Alaskan beauty!

The Dolomites – Italy

Portraying the rich greenness against the most peaceful colors which essentially seems like a dreamland that we normally fantasize about? Well, the Dolomites hold the abilities to compose those fantasies to become true for you. Distinguished to be one concerning the most amazing mountains in the world, touring in Italy is never going to be a perfect adventure for travelers who love adventure without examining the treasure concerning the Southern Limestone Alps.

The Dolomites – Italy

Nanga Parbat – Pakistan

Running out of ideas to tour Pakistan? Well, here is one that the travel fanatic in you would not make you change your plans ever. Being one of the prettiest mountains in the world and making one height concerning the Himalayan Ranges, Nanga Parbat under all its might possesses the capabilities of casting an enchanting spell on the tourists at first sight. Correctly transposing into the exposed mountain and additionally identified as Diamir – the King of the mountains within the locals, Nanga Parbat rises tall at a slope of approximately 26,660 feet in the core of Pakistan. Moreover, if spiritual meadows are there on your mind, this can be the spot where you can discover them!

Castle Mountain – Canada

A treasure in the center of the Canadian Rockies, the Castle Mountain is certainly one concerning the choicest peaks in the globe that is positioned on the bases of the popular Banff National Park. Brushing the atmosphere with beautiful shades, it is here that one can encounter paradise on Earth for real.

Being identical with surreal illustrations, and different aspects, mountaineering in Canada is inadequate without trekking above the Castle Mountain that appears to be a popular escape concerning the locals as well as tourists. Placed on the easterly side concerning the Trans-Canada Highway, make certain you explore up to the Castle Mountain through the Eisenhower Tower route. It appears to be the most comfortable route, and offers excellent ops for picture-taking too!

Cradle Mountain - Tasmania, Australia

About 1,545 m, this is not termed as the highest peak in Australia. But, even after lacking in size, it makes up the landscape with beauty. Topping sapphire Dove Lake, the rocky peak of Cradle Mountain is quite a spectacle to behold. It overlooks Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, rising from lush grass, snow-freckled in winter, and forestland through summer.

Pits of the region around the peak have discovered many local sites, although it was English engineer Joseph Fossey who named the mountain “Cradle Mountain”, due to its curiously rounded appearance.

Presently, it is one of Tasmania’s most famous tourist spots and is approximately an hour-and-a-half drive from the bustling metropolis of Devonport. There are excursions for all experiences within the national park. They all compensate the trekker with outstanding landscapes of Cradle Mountain and additionally take in dense woodland, glacial lakes, including the occasional rapids accompanying the way.

The 6-kilometer Dove Lake Circuit remains a favorite among the travelers. If you have got your eyes set on the peak, the central path starts from Dove Lake and may take around 6–8 hours to finish (that’s the entire round-trip). Be ready to struggle with some sharp boulders toward the direction.

Glimpses of the range are exalted in both wintertime and summertime, but if you are preparing for the climbing, it is best to come in summer (November–April) when circumstances are a little more foreseen.

Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China

Mount Huangshan completely justifies its title: “the loveliest mountain in China”. Plucked right from Avatar, the tremendous rock structures are presented even more inexplicable by a permanent layer of fog.

Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China

It was granted the title of Yellow Mountain within the Tang Dynasty way earlier in 747. The abstract views of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world have ever since inspired countless Chinese artistic accomplishments, particularly the Shan Shui technique of painting, which concentrates on sceneries. Still today, visitants are in wonder of Huangshan’s attraction. To inspect it for yourself, you will need to make your travel plan to the Huangshan City in China’s Anhui region (it’s most comfortable to fly or it’s approximately a 5-hour drive from Shanghai).

Once you are here, it’s rather easy to travel. Three cable cars progress to the clifftop and the various stone trails the wind within the peaks make hiking easy further. Furthermore, you can also hike Huangshan year-round, but high season features from April to October. Off-season will be rather quiet, however, be informed that some paths may be locked for preservation.

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