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Most common home renovation mistakes you should avoid

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A home renovation is an opportunity to improve, elevate and enhance your property to personalize all its structural and cosmetic aspects. It's an opportunity to fix existing damages, add new living spaces and maximize your utility with modern upgrades. 

Some homeowners save and scrape to plan a transformative renovation to enhance their property value and life quality. Others find themselves burdened by enormous renovation costs after fire breakouts or water damages. Regardless of whether you've planned it or have little choice in the matter, making mistakes is not an option. You see, errors in the renovation process or plan can cost you thousands of dollars, alongside derailing the project. 

If this is your first home renovation, it's natural to feel lost and overwhelmed. Keep reading to understand common mistakes that you can avoid for a productive and timely renovation project. 


Impractical Budgeting 

Many homeowners believe they can embrace DIY strategies and cut costs to ensure timely completion on a small budget. Nothing's wrong with working with a small budget or creating a step-by-step approach to avoid financial burdens. But if you want significant upgrades and expensive installations, an impractical budget will throw you off balance. 

Understating expenses and setting an unrealistic budget is one of the worst, and ironically, the most common renovation mistakes. A hundred things can go wrong on a renovation site, and your budget must account for all surprises. Be sure to set aside at least 20% for unforeseen events and unplanned expenses. 


Allowing Strangers to Use Indoor Facilities 

Homeowners often wonder, should we allow contractors or workers to use the guest bathroom? You shouldn't, and most contractors ask for outdoor facilities for bathroom and lunch breaks. Besides, Portland has strict codes regarding its workers. So it would be wise to find a reliable vendor for a portable toilet for rent. If you're working with a large team of workers, consider exploring options online. You can search for local porta-potty rental near Portland, OR, and find a plethora of suggestions available at your disposal. 

Given the COVID-19 precautions and safety measures, it's not wise to allow any non-family members access to bathrooms. The risk is much greater if you have high-risk people or chronic patients in the family. Besides, a porta-potty will allow them easy access and privacy without usurping the privacy of your family. 


Deviating from the Architectural Structure 

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There's only so much liberty one can take while planning a renovation. Altering the floor plan may seem like a fabulous idea, but what if it doesn't compliment the architecture style. 

All upgrades, improvements, and installations must align with the original structure and architectural style. Deviating dramatically from the existing architectural structure will create an unappealing clash in design elements. In contrast, upgrades that align with the current structure will pour new life into the property without clashing with the architectural style. 

We strongly advise homeowners to consider styles and improvements that complement the original architectural style. 


Prioritizing Aesthetics over Utility 

Here's a mistake that homeowners make more commonly than others: sacrificing utility to enjoy art and aesthetics. Our living spaces must radiate comfort, warmth, utility, and practicality to support our life quality. 

For instance, you may like the idea of expansive glass windows lighting up the living room with bright sunlight. But have you stopped to consider the cooling and heating costs that come with tall glass windows? This design element may turn your home into a baking oven if you live in an excruciatingly hot climate. 

It's essential to avoid prioritizing aesthetics over utility. Be sure to account for traffic when you're planning the flooring and choosing materials. Imagine the utility of the countertops, cabinets, and storage spaces during the design phase. Don't add any aesthetic element that doesn't serve a purpose in enhancing your life quality. After all, your home isn't an art museum; it's a functional living space! 

Chasing after Fleeting Trends 

There's no harm in admitting that home improvement gazettes and architectural trends inspire homeowners endlessly. One would imagine the journey ends once the mortgage is paid off, but it doesn't. Home improvement and property preservation are ongoing processes to maintain and increase market value. 

But chasing after fleeting and non-functional trends is not the most profitable strategy. Most trends are short-lived and quick, but classic and functional design elements retain their significance forever. A fresh, modern, and functional design will serve your interests as residents and property owners. 

If you're too confused about your option, consider sitting down for a consultation session with a competent architect. 


Hiring Contractors in Haste 

Now, here's the worst mistake homeowners could possibly make: hiring the wrong contractors in haste. When it comes to hiring contractors or construction workers, one cannot exercise haste. It's a process that demands concentration and research so you can find the most competent and reliable professionals. We advise you to start by consulting family members and friends who just undertook home construction or renovation. 

Asking for referrals from friends and family will increase your chance of finding reliable and credible contractors. Research is of the utmost significance here. You can't hire the first business you come across during your research. It's wise to narrow down at least 3-4 companies and schedule detailed interviews to finalize your candidate. 

Interviews are crucial, and if a contractor declines sitting down for an interview, he/she wasn't the right candidate, to begin with. A consultation will help you gauge the work ethic of the professional and their ability to understand and accommodate your demands. No matter what happens, avoid rushing into a decision and take your time to study and explore your options. 


Saving up with Cheap Materials 

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Are you planning to reduce expenses by buying cheaper raw materials? If you think quality won't make a difference, prepare for the biggest nightmare of your life. 

Cheap raw materials will compromise the foundational structures and cosmetic integrity of your home. Weaker fortifications will make your property vulnerable to hazards like storms, rain, and strong winds. Weaker, low-quality materials increase the risk of property damages, flooding, and fire hazards. 

Besides, the constant repairs, replacements, and maintenance expenses will have you spending more than you intended to save. Be sure to choose high-quality materials that offer superior durability to avoid extensive repairs and replacements. 



Planning a home renovation is an overwhelming process, but it requires meticulous and diligent attention. We advise homeowners to avoid saving costs in ways that compromise quality and excellence. Working with the right professionals can make a world of difference in quality, project management, and timely completion. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will ensure an efficient and transformative home renovation!

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