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Most Common Materials Used For Making Exterior Door

Exterior doors provide visual appeal and communicate class, style, sophistication, and an envious first impression. Along with all this, it is also responsible for the security and insulation of your house. Hence the door provides privacy, security and also lowers your costs of utility bills. 


When an exterior door is doing so much for you, it rightly demands hard work and knowledge, when it comes to choosing the constructing materials for it. There are several options available in the market to choose from when getting a new exterior door. You should choose the material according to the environmental conditions, in a design that aligns best with the overall layout and look of your house. 


For choosing the best fit of material you need to know about all, compare them considering your needs. This article explains the most common materials used for the exterior door for you to get all the required knowledge about the materials. 



This is the traditional and most widely used material for building exterior doors. Its wide acceptability is easily justified with the aspect of easy customization and natural beautification and long-lasting durability. 


There are various types of wood to choose from such as fir, oak, pine, maple, mahogany, etc. Painting aspect of the wood enables it to match the color scheming of the whole house making it stand out even more. Wood can easily be cut in various shapes along the carpenters to bring their creativity to life. Weatherstripping of wood doors can help in the insulation and durability of the door. 


The drawback of having a wood exterior door is it can sag, peel off, and warp, particularly when exposed to water, and other elements for a long period of time. Therefore, the wood doors should be used in closed areas or in conjunction with another protecting roof or door for weather protection. The wood door needs periodic and regular maintenance in the form of repainting. 


A solid wood door is extremely expensive. The solid core wood door is affordable and is less prone to warps and peel-offs. If you are looking for durability, then the thick panels, rails, and stiles are the best options for you. 



It is one of the cheapest options available to build a door frame, especially for a patio door. Vinyl is energy efficient and requires minimum maintenance. However, the design, styles, and color shades available are limited as compared to other materials available to build a door from. 


Vinyl is durable and secure for entry doors. It can withstand various environments better as compared to wood, steel, or other materials. These doors can last for 15-20 years without any maintenance. 


Steel dominates the exterior door market owing to its toughness, durability, and high insulating ability. They are five times more energy-efficient than wood exterior doors as it insulates the harshness of weather better. 


Steel doors are moderately priced and often quite affordable as compared to wood and fiberglass doors. They can be painted in any color and come with various designs but less compared to wood. 


Steel is not easy to cut, so molding it into an already placed frame is difficult. Steel can rust and experience dents and some designs may require frequent repainting. 


A most prominent candidate for modern exterior doors, as it is a flashy hybrid of the modern exterior door culture. Fiberglass is a composite material having similar insulating abilities as steel being more energy-efficient than wood doors. 


Fiberglass can mimic the appearance of wood with a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs offered. The wood mimicking ability makes it special as it can eradicate the chance of warping, or peeling.


Fiberglass doors are almost priced as wood doors while offering higher durability requiring less maintenance. The only disadvantage of a fiberglass door apparently is it can be susceptible to fading or can crack under immense pressure. 


The homeowners should consider the location of the door, chances of it being exposed to harsh climates, and other hazardous elements like mold before deciding the right material and design for the exterior doors. A professional door builder company such as Walbert Windows can be the best source to consult when making a decision. 


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