Most Common Types of Personal Injuries


After sustaining some serious or damaging injuries, you might not know who to turn to or ask for help or what to do. Fortunately, there are several legal professionals that can take care of everything, from your medical bills to the compensation you seek and deserve. If you need any assistance in understanding your situation, or the extent of compensation you should expect, or what you should expect from your lawyers, then you should take help from the New York City personal injury lawyer.

Now, when it comes to accident cases (personal injury cases), there 3 main things that you and your lawyer need to focus on. And they are:

  • Who is answerable for the damage and the injuries,

  • What type of injury was sustained and by whom,

  • And in what way can you recoup a loss after you have been injured.

A lot of attorneys might not pay attention to how serious the matter is, but our seasoned lawyers and their well-versed team knows that an injury can change your life. And, life after the injury can be very difficult. The New York City personal injury lawyer aim is to make sure that you are comfortable and are able to function properly long after sustaining the injuries.

It is always good to identify the motive behind the accident or damages because it can be extraordinarily useful for the legal professional you hired. When you know the motive behind the accident or the party responsible for the damage, your lawyer can put together an action plan and work on the approach. They can also help in determining the amount of compensation that you deserve as well as making sure that you receive it. 

After sustaining injuries, it is by far the most essential part to get medical assistance to get your injuries checked. This is because victims usually do not realise the magnitude of the seriousness of their injury and that is when they start avoiding the medication and ignore the pain. Our lawyers will make sure that you get full medical attention and also that your lifestyle is not hampered by the injury. They will also handle the insurance claims and the insurance companies for you. Because these insurance companies sometimes try to exploit the customers and bait them into settling for less amount than what they actually deserve.

A lawyer can help you with all sorts of fatal injuries, but we have prepared a list of some injuries that are usually seen.

Top Most Common Types of Personal accidents/injuries

  1. Injury from a person’s negligence
    Everyone has a job or work somewhere where it is imperative to follow the rules and policies to the T with everything they do. However, if they do not follow the rules and neglect them, and as a result you sustain injuries, then you can lawyer up and go to civil court and recover the compensation for the damage.

  2. Injury from a slip and fall
    There is always someone or some department that has been given the responsibility of particular public places. It is their responsibility to make the place safer for you (the general public). If they fail to accomplish that and also you fall and harm yourself due to a hazard they created or allowed to exist, you're eligible to claim compensation from the responsible party, for instance, the store owner, the mall, etc.

  3. Injury from a person’s intentional behaviour
    If a person deliberately hurts you, you could sue them. This law applies even when someone didn’t mean to hurt you but unintentionally they did. For instance, if in case your neighbour throws a rock or a giant stone at his sibling and that rock hits and injures you, you are eligible to sue him in civil court and receive compensation.

  4. Injury from an unsafe drug
    Drugs are held in protection and safety standards, which now and again are ignored especially when there are new drugs launched in the market. These instances commonly result in litigation with regards to class-action lawsuits against the drug manufacturer, seller and even the person who prescribed it.

  5. Injury from medical malpractice by doctors and other staff
    Enforced by the law, doctors are required to provide for their patients with utmost care with complete focus. When a doctor or other medical practitioner does not treat their patients in the same way, things can go south and become much worse. You can seek help from personal injury lawyers because medical malpractice court cases allow you to receive what you deserve

  6. Injury caused by a dog bite
    Dog bites are judged underneath a strict legal responsibility and liability standard. Having said that, with the help of a lawyer, you can sue the owner of the dog that bit you and take serious actions against them, especially if the bite has caused some serious damage such as infection.

  7. Injury from a car (or some other automobile) accident
    Injuries by automobiles are the most common types of personal injuries. Such accidents are very fatal and can sometimes lead to the death of the victim. In automobile accidents, there is a high requirement for legal assistance. In some cases, the driver responsible for the accident flees the accident spot. So, do not shy away to ask for help from the lawyers.

  8. Injury from misdiagnosis by the medical practitioner
    There are several cases where due to negligence or probably due to overconfidence medical practitioners misdiagnose a certain medical condition. These can turn out to be highly lethal. And sometimes, the patients have to suffer life long. You can immediately go to court seeking help for such misconduct.


This is just a glimpse of the most common injuries that people usually suffer in an accident. There are many cases that you and we have never heard of or seen. If you are one of the victims who has sustained such injuries or has been in a lethal accident, then contact and hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The best lawyers are the New York City Personal injury lawyer, you can check their website for more details.