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Most commonly used Machines in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is the production of goods or related services within the territory of an economy. The manufacturing industry got its name from the fact that production activities are carried out by machines. Machines used in manufacturing industries mainly include cutting machines, drilling machines, welding machines, threading machines but here are some other machines that are commonly used.

Chamfering or Deburring machine:

This type of machine is used for removing sharp edges and corners from the surface of items that have been machined. The Chamfering machine is used to cut off burrs, crimps, slag etc. from the edges of the metal parts. It makes the parts to be smooth and clean. These machines are mainly used in automobile, furniture and construction industries. Furthermore, they are also used to cut the sheet metals or pipes into desired shapes and with required angle.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine:

Mostly, these are the types of machines that are used in industry to manufacture small components. These machines can carry out many operations simultaneously using a computer. These machines can be used to carry out operations such as welding, cutting, shaping, drilling, and milling. CNC machines are mainly used in the electrical, architectural, and carpentry sectors.

Grinding machine:

This machine is used for sharpening the dull blades, cutting edges and tools. This machine uses a grinding wheel to sharpen these items. It is used in the industries that manufacture and maintain cutting tools. This is most commonly used machine in manufacturing industry for sharpening. A best grinding machine helps to develop the finest edge.

Drilling machine:

Drilling machines are used for drilling holes in metals, wood or plastic. These types of machines are available in different patterns including straight line pattern, carousel or indexing pattern and rotary indexing or swivel head pattern. There are different types of drilling machines are available in the market including bench, pillar or floor standing and hand held drilling machines.

Hand Tappers:

A machine that is used for threading a hole by removing metal. The tapping machine removes the material from the hole to make it ready for threading. This machine is mainly used in manufacturing industries.

Milling machines:

This type of machine is used for removing the excess material from the workpiece. This is done by moving the cutter or cutting tool. The workpiece rotates at different speeds, depending on the shape of the cutter and the choice of the material. Milling machines are commonly used in metalworking and woodworking.

Abrasive saw:

These types of machines are basically used for cutting metals and other hard materials. Abrasive saw is a type of metal cutting machine that uses a sanding disc. This machine is mostly used in industries such as automotive, agricultural, and fabrication industries.

Above are the most commonly used machines in the manufacturing industry. While manufacturing different items, mainly cutting machines are used. They are used to cut wood, metals, and even plastics. Machines are necessary for the manufacturing industries to grow. They help to meet the ever-increasing demands of the world. Furthermore, they are also helpful to cut the cost of production. They help to save time and money while producing quality products in less time.

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