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Most Diverse Selections of Linear Actuators: Worldwide Manufacturers

Any project with the application of linear actuators isn't cheap does not matter whether you are automating a manufacturing facility or making a new automated piece at home. Thus, you expect that your equipment will work long and as indicated in its specifications. That is why it is important to buy crucial components, such as actuators, from reliable suppliers.

When you buy the best electric actuator from a trusted company, you can count on a warranty (it might vary from one month up to several years), a reliable and accurate operation, and reliability.You can count on all those features if you buy your linear actuators from one of the companies described below.

Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations is a truly American brand. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, the USA. The company has a distribution centre in Richmond, Canada.

This is a world-known manufacturer of electric linear actuators. There, you can choose linear actuators in all sizes, from mini devices to impressive heavy-duty items for industrial applications. The company produces items with different IP, which allows them to be used in all types of applications, including those for the marine. Customized options are available, too.

The manufacturer offers an 18-months warranty for each of its items.

The prices vary from around 70 USD and up, but not higher than 600 USD. While the products are of top-quality, the prices are affordable.

Del Tron Precision Inc.

Del Tron Precision is one more native American brand headquartered in Bethel, the USA. The company is among the oldest in the market. Thus, as you can expect, it sells not only actuators but many equipment options. Among the top products are:

  • Linear bearings;
  • Slide guides,
  • Friction-free air actuators;
  • Linear actuators, and so on.

When you choose Del Tron Precision Inc., you can count on custom products designed for specific needs of every customer, and on standard products. The main advantage of the manufacturer is not only the top quality of all the equipment but that there, you can find practically everything for your automation project.

The company offers a warranty period of 30 days for products that are defective. All the returns can be made only upon a preliminary confirmation from the company.

While there is no issue to find a needed actuator or another component (the company provides extensive catalogues with a detailed description of every actuator), but the prices are not provided on the official website. To learn more about the prices, you can contact one of Del Tron distributors. A comprehensive list of them with the needed contact information is provided, too.


This is one more American brand that works in the automation sector. The company is represented in Europe, with an office in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, and China, Suzhou, and Jiangsu.

The company is one of the oldest in the market. It has been producing innovative products since 1954.

Tolomatic is one of the leading manufacturers of:

  • Brake systems;
  • Electric gears;
  • Actuators.

The prices are not provided by the company. There are two ways to learn about the prices: to place a quote on the company website or to request the information from one of their distributors.

There, you can buy top-quality products. Their main features are high precision level and accuracy. Most of the items are produced for heavy industrial applications but there, you can find solutions for your home projects, too.

Harmonic Drive

This is one more manufacturer with a long history. The company was founded more than 60 years ago, and since then, it has been providing reliable solutions for industrial automation. The manufacturer is represented in the USA, Japan, and Germany.

The variety of products is impressive. There, you can buy whatever is needed for a new automation project:

  • Gearboxes;
  • Rotary drives;
  • Servo motor gearheads, and plenty of other devices.

Tolomatic electric actuators deserve special attention. They are extremely precise and accurate. The linear actuators are known for their force; thus, they are best for heavy industrial applications. They are provided in three variations only:

  • LAH series;
  • LBC series;
  • LA series.

Every series is represented by several models but we cannot tell that the variety of actuators is big.

The prices are not indicated on the company website neither in its catalogues. While selecting the products is easy thanks to detailed descriptions, to get to know the price, you need to place a quote. Another option is to contact an official distributor of the company.

The company offers customized solutions, too, but not for all the product range. Again, you need to place a request to find out whether a customization option is available for the product you want to buy.

The items manufactured by the company are more suitable for heavy-duty applications. Their prices are rather high, but their features allow you to reach the maximum of your project.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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