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Most Exotic Islands near Istanbul to Visit in 2021

If you’re planning to visit Istanbul and love beaches, then you can’t miss these exotic Islands and check the Turkish airline ticket prices.

A beach trip is perfect for many people because they enjoy having the breeze in their hair and the water at their feet. But one area that is rarely thought of as an ideal holiday spot is only a step up from an island. The islands located close off the coast of Istanbul in Turkey is excellent among all the islands for you if you are booking Turkish Airline flights this year to this city. These Islands, a conglomeration of islands, guarantee that tourists have a good time.

This guide will discuss the best islands that offer the most exotic beaches near Istanbul that you can’t miss if you are booking cheap flights to this city.


Sivriada is another great place to visit if you are booking Turkish Airline flight deals this year. It is also known as Hayrszada, and it means useless island. The island has a surface area of about 0.05 km2. It is one of the Turkish islands that are located near Istanbul. It was given this name because it has attracted God's wrath by slaughtering stray dogs there. This island was frequently visited by Byzantine monks for prayer and also served as a jail for those deemed to be problematic.

In this area, visitors will also have the opportunity to view the ruins of a Byzantine monastery that dates back to the 9thcentury. You will also be able to visit a Roman town. The 9th century saw the construction of major structures in the middle of Town Island.

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Buyukada, which means Big Island in the native language, definitely lives up to its name as the largest of the nine islands that comprise the Princes Islands. It is a collection of islands surrounding Istanbul that you cannot skip if you book Turkish Airline flights. It covers around 5 square kilometers and is located near Istanbul.

This island features a couple of peaks near the ferry dock and is known as Isa Tepesi, which translates to "Jesus Hill" in the native language. Aside from that, people can visit many other beautiful places on this island whenever they book cheap flights to Istanbul. 


Burgazada is known to be the third biggest in the Princes Islands group. There is a single hill here that stretches for 2 kilometers. This island, one of the most renowned islands near the city, is named after a fort erected by Alexander’s successor; Demetrius I. Visitors should pay a visit to the Sait Faik Abasiyanik museum because it is also an amazing place. You’ll love it if you are a history lover and you’ll learn many new things.

So whether you like to learn about history or want to enjoy it, don’t forget to visit this island whenever you book Turkish Airlines online flights. While the island has historically been home to the Greek minority, many people have relocated to this haven, which is also known as one of the greatest islands near the city, since the twentieth century.

Kasik Island

Because it is formed like a spoon, Kasik Island translates as Spoon Island. It is one of the intriguing islands near the city that you must also visit to book cheap airline flights to Istanbul. It is important to remember that this island is private property owned by Danon, a Greek family. Therefore, tourists will be unable to spend time hereafter obtaining permission from the island owner or joining a tourism company tour.

We recommend you get that permission early for your trip because spaces fill up quickly. The best way is to book your tour to this island when you are booking Turkish Airlines flight tickets to Istanbul.


Kinaliada also means Henna Island because the soil of this island has a unique reddish color because of their and copper mined here and as one might expect. It is also known as one of the very few wooded islands in the cluster that you must not skip whenever you book Turkish Airline flight tickets. It is also considered the island nearest to Istanbul, being around 12 kilometers to the south. It, like the other islands mentioned above, is part of Istanbul's Adalar district.

While other islands from the Islands were used as prisons and places of exile, Proti was the most frequently utilized. Visitors may access the island via ferry, which takes around 25 minutes for a fast ferry and 40 minutes for a conventional ferry.

Galatasaray Islet

The Galatasaray Sports Club owns Galatasaray Islet, a tiny island. The island offers a highly appealing facility that consists of house bars, two swimming pools, and six restaurants. It is considered one of the islands near Istanbul, only 541 feet from the coast of Europe, and is accessible through a free boat service. If you like to socialize and book cheap airline ticket flights to Istanbul, you should not skip this island.

There are several entertainment options available here and, as one might expect, numerous sporting facilities, given a sports club owns it. A swimming pool here served as the home field for the famous water polo team from 1957 until 1968.

Sedef Island

Historically, Sedef Island was known as Androvitha or Andircuithos, but it is today known as the Islands of the Mother of Pearl. It had a surface size of 0.157 km2, making it one of the group's smallest islands. The island is mainly mostly private property, and the island's owner planted most of the pine woods.

The owner also ensured a strict construction rule prohibiting residences with more than two stories to safeguard the island's ecology and fauna. It is also a great spot for tourists from all over the world with cheap air tickets.

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