Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Most Popular Astrology/Horoscope Sites in India

Believe it or not, but planets and stars are do affect human lives. Of late, people are looking for Astrological remedies and charts for their unsolved questions. Have you ever looked at your daily horoscope and been amazed at how accurate the predictions turned out? Fascinating to some, uncanny for others. Astrology can be overwhelming, but reading the stars and planetary alignments is science for sure. Visit our surahikhlas page to know more.

People in New Age are turning more and more to Astrology. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Online Astrology is suited for the millennials in the Internet Age. More and more millennials are turning to Astrology for their day-to-day affairs probably because technology has made it easier for consumers to connect with a pandit/astrologer virtually. Due to the availability of more in-depth information online there has been a cultural boost to Astrology.

Most Popular Astrology/Horoscope Sites in India

Astrology is the study about the influences of stars and planets on human lives. The position of the sun , the moon and the planets at the time of a person’s birth is said to shape up his personality and outlines a generic timeline of his fate in terms of finance, romance and marriage.

When we read our daily horoscopes, we look for clues to fit in the puzzle, a hint or advice related maybe to our career or love life. When we read about our future prospects in our career for the coming week or month, it is natural for us to want to know more and find out if a good news would greet us any soon. And to be honest, everyone wants to hear more of good fortunes landing their way and a direction to plan a better future. That is why more and more people have turned to astrology for quenching their knowledge and hunger for success.

Another example is clearly seen where the digital platform is filled with Mars and Retrograde memes every time tragedy befalls on someone. Mercury Retrograde is supposed to make things appear slower than it usually was. We cannot look away from the fact that the young generation somewhere believes in horoscopes, zodiac signs, planetary alignments and its malefic effects on a person’s birth charts.

The market is swamped with numerous Astrology services and websites, all claiming tall talk and accurate predictions. With people starting to rely more and more on astrology readings, charts and auspicious signs before they set out to plan their career, marriage or kids, it has led to the increase in demand for a lot of astrologers and consumers in the market. But the question remains is that how do we know, as a consumer, that we are not being duped or charged a high rate for astrology services? Keeping consumer demands in mind along with the aim to make it more accessible to people even in remote areas of the nation, Mera Astro has designed a platform where users and verified astrologers can connect without any hassle. Through the astrology app, you can easily access daily readings for your sign, compatibility with your partners, charts apart from access to numerology and tarot cards readers.

Mera Astro aims to connect users across the globe with verified and certified astrologers, tarot card readers, palmists etc in a private and secure manner. They also provide services related to pujas on any occasion, sessions on Reiki Healing, Color Therapy, Evil Eye Correction and Pendulum Dowsing etc available at your fingertips without any hassle.

Mera Astro’s app is built for the easy usage of the user. The priority is to build a trust along with respect for privacy. Consumers can also learn in detail about their zodiac traits, numerology, tarot reading through their informative blogs and resources. The website/app also provides free services like Free Horoscope, Free Kundli Online and Horoscope Matching for their users. The aim is not to just get more users but to build a network of family with consumers and astrologers who keep coming back for seamless services.

The founders have had a deep pull towards astrology, the occult sciences and it’s various manifestation. At a time when there is so much taboo around astrology, the app was built with a respect for privacy for both the consumers and astrologers, and to make it easy where people may have faced difficulty in connecting with a pundit physically.

They have taken cognizance of the fact of the high charges in this field and wish to make this platform fit for everyone’s budget with the topmost and expert professionals. All the astrologers go through a thorough verification check as their aim is to provide genuine services and keep the faith and trust alive in occult sciences.

The founders have had a long standing passion for the science of astrology and the idea was conceived during a random coffee table discussion as a result of the need to provide authentic and genuine astrology services to people and to make it easily available for them as they've seen how it has benefitted various people with their life problems provides astrological content, religious rituals arrangement, Kundli reports, data, telephone, SMS, email and direct consultations’ content.

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