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Most Useful beeswax wraps For a Better ideas

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Bee's wraps are an ecological alternative to aluminum foil and plastic film to preserve our food. No more polluting aluminum and plastic film to cover our food make way for very photogenic bee's wraps, designed by an American mother in 2012. These waterproof, thermo-formable and endlessly reusable squares are made of fabrics coated with wax.

The bee's wraps cover food containers by adjusting to the desired shape thanks to the warmth of the hands. The fabric allows air to pass while preserving the food from humidity, which allows it to be stored in the open air or in the refrigerator including the freezer. Easy to use and maintain, they are the new allies of anti-waste enthusiasts, just like stainless steel straws or ear-picks. 

Easy To Do Yourself

Two options are available to those who want to take the plunge: make them themselves or buy them. Many tutorials are available on the Internet. On Instagram, they are grouped under the hashtag #beeswrap, which counts nearly 10,000 publications. 

They work with recycled, cut-out fabrics, old handkerchiefs, lightly dyed or organic fabrics, but you have to test several because they don't all react in the same way not stop on a failure. Then just cover the textile with beeswax in glitter, available online or in organic stores, then put it in the oven or under an iron, between two sheets of baking paper, and leave it to dry. 

They are washed with mild soap and cold water especially not hot water, the heat will melt the wax. The bee's wraps hold their shape for four to six months can be used on both sides and can be "rewired" after this time. The only contraindications are that they cannot cover either hot or lukewarm food as this would melt the wax or raw meats, for reasons of hygiene can only be washed with cold water and mild soap, they are not disinfected. 

A Booming Market

Less harmful for the planet, bee's wraps also help reduce spending on cleaning products, especially when they are homemade. A packet of beeswax in flakes costs around 10 dollars for 500g, and will suffice for a year. If you are not very DIY (" Do It Yourself ") and prefer to invest, some companies have entered the niche.  The bee's wraps allow you to keep everything, except raw meats. The bee's wraps allow you to keep everything, except raw meats.

Food Waste: Nearing Expiration Dates?

The use of beeswax, however, can put off vegans, this product being, like honey, of animal origin. Alternatives similar to beeswax wraps but plant-based are beginning to emerge. To replace beeswax, you can use Carnauba wax, secreted from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree. Nature has not finished helping us preserve our food.

In recent months, when we throw our trash, a not the most glamorous mania precedes the release in the bin. You dissect your trash. And yes, because we always have a trash can (small of 12l, which we take out once a month, see every month and a half). It is generally not filled, because sometimes depending on the smells when opening it is decided to throw it away.

And so what were most present in our trash were the butter and cheese wrappers. Because we take everything by the cut at our cheese maker, but we were slow to act to avoid this packaging.

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