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Motorcycle height adjustment and comfort guide

If you’re a seasoned rider, you may already be well aware of the height and bike size you need for a comfortable and safe riding experience, but if you’re looking to buy your first bike, it’s important to get expert advice on the right motorcycle for you.

Comfort and feel are crucial to motorcycle riding, and your motorcycle needs to fit your individual height and size requirements.

Whether for long distance trips or commuting through the city, when you sit on a motorcycle you want it to feel just right.

Height and seating positions will vary

Different motorcycle models can have different seating positions and heights. Some riding styles have you leaning forward, while others may have you sitting deep into the bike with your legs out in front of you.

Cruisers tend to have lower seats where you lean slightly backwards, while off-road, dual-sport motorbikes have some of the highest seating positions to accommodate the suspension and to ensure safe and comfortable off-road clearance.

The type of riding you plan to do will impact the type of bike you need, and from there you can narrow down the search according to your size requirements, so you end up with the perfect bike for you.

For beginners, you may not be sure what riding style is most suitable for you. As you will not be used to controlling a motorcycle, you need it to be as easy as possible. It’s especially important to get a bike that allows you to have both your feet mostly planted on the ground at the same time to give you as much control as possible. But first, you’ll need to try some different motorcycles out.

Test them out

Everyone’s build is different, so you need to make sure the size requirements of your motorcycle are right for you. Trying before you buy is crucial when it comes to finding the right size motorcycle.

Visiting a motorcycle dealer and trying out different models will help you get an idea of the size that will best fit your height and preferred riding style. It will also give you a chance to get a feel for the weight distribution from side to side and the overall feel of the motorcycle.

When testing a motorcycle, check the distance from the seat to foot and hand controls. Make sure you can comfortably reach the handlebars and foot pedals. Is there any discomfort when you reach for the handlebars, are you able to get a tight and comfortable grip, or are you straining?

You need to be able to easily reach the controls without having to reach out too far to ensure you have a strong grip and maximum control when riding. You also don’t want to feel scrunched up as this will only become uncomfortable, especially for longer rides.

When trying out motorcycles, take note of how easy they are to mount. If you have trouble mounting it, it’s likely you’ll have trouble keeping it balanced. Ideally, the balls of your feet should be touching the ground. A motorcycle is heavy, so you need to feel comfortable and confident holding it up by yourself. If you struggle to keep it up, you may need to look at one that sits lower, or has a lighter body.

When the motorcycle comes to a stop, your feet should be able to touch the ground so you can hold it steady. If only the tip of your toes are touching the ground, this can offer little balance and make it hard to keep control of the bike. You want to be able to keep your balance without worrying the bike will tip over when you come to a stop.

The right fit of the motorcycle is important for comfort but also safe maneuvering of the motorbike. Not being able to properly reach the ground or controls may lead to an accident or injury.

Visit motorcycle dealers

Once you’ve found your dream motorcycle, you need to make sure it’s adjusted to your ultimate comfort.

If you need to change the fit of the motorcycle you may be able to just change the seat or move the handlebars or footpegs. Visiting expert motorcycle dealers can help you make any necessary adjustments to ensure the seat position, handlebars and foot pedals are just right.

Testing out these things will give you a good feel for your comfort level and determine if the motorcycle is right for you. Keep in mind that for your first time, you may experience a little discomfort until you get used to handling a motorcycle, just make sure you can balance yourself and reach the controls without any trouble.

For professional motorcycle dealers, visit Peter Stevens to try out our range of motorcycles and speak to an expert about finding the right one for you.

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