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Is Motorhome Or Camper A Better Choice Than A Caravan?

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When it comes to owning between a motorhome/ camper or caravan, Aussies normally stand divided. Both have their own advantages and drawbacks, but when you glance at each one closely, then motorhomes have an upper hand. Well, if you have a hefty budget, you can get hold of a premium caravan that is equivalent to the best motorhomes. However, normally speaking, the motorhome has way too many benefits compared to any of the caravan. Not yet convinced that a motorhome or camper is a better choice than a caravan! Well, let’s explore the facts.

Driving is effortless

Driving a motorhome/ camper van is easier, as it has an elevated cab to suit the vehicle’s size. Conversely, towing a caravan can be dreadful and need time to master particularly when you begin. With a car, you’ll have a lower view and have to manage extra-long length and judging how much space you’ll need to steer around tight roads can take a lot of getting used to.

Handy & Practical

Once you’re done with a long drive, you can simply drive into a camping site and park your motorhome in a trouble-free way. Conversely, when using a caravan, you’ll have to reverse and place it in the right position, which can get a bit taxing and may take a few attempts to park it right. Your work isn’t over yet, you’ll have to detach the caravan, connect the electricity, perhaps fetch water and fix a waste gauge.


You may love to sail from one campsite to another, having fun and taking pleasure of the open wide roads and beautiful scenery as it passes by. However, many people are often making use of their camper vans for diverse escapades including off-road and journeying to another country. If you’re the one who loves adventure trips, then a motorhome could be a better choice giving you that little added adaptability.  

Initial Cost

Compared to buying a camper, you can purchase a caravan for less money; however, you have to consider the cost of the car to tow it. If you have a small, compact car then this may not be right to tow a caravan and you’d have to buy or rent a more powerful car. If you use your existing car, this can put a lot of strain on the vehicle, may also affect the vehicle’s future selling price. When you glance over a budget motorhome model and a caravan, there normally isn’t too much of a difference. Moreover, campers run a lot longer without problems, commanding a better resale value, so they are definitely a better choice for the long run.


Caravans depreciate faster than motorhomes – for instance, a 10-year-old camper van/ motorhome will hold significant value than a 10-year-old caravan of the same level. Perhaps, you might use a caravan for 10 years and have to spend the same again or more to get a new one. While a motorhome can run for decades and still command a price or can be traded off to balance the cost of an upgrade. Certainly, there are numerous benefits motorhome have over a caravan including great drivability, handiness, lesser depreciation, greater adaptability and cost benefits for long term use.

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